Album of the Week | Neck of the Woods

- 05 Nov 2021

Each week the team at Edition selects one album from our catalogue to highlight as Album of the Week.
Daniel Herskedal & Marius Neset | Neck of the Woods (2012)

Chosen by: Dave Stapleton (Founder & CEO)

“Sax/Tuba duets that swoop and purr” The Guardian

Recorded in 2012, Daniel Herskedal & Marius Neset’s Neck of the Woods is coming up to its 10th anniversary. The record was the very first to feature Daniel Herskedal on Edition Records, a partnership that has since spanned 6 albums with many more to come.

The album is a collection of original compositions for Saxophone and Tuba from the Norwegian duo of Herskedal & Neset which explores influences from classical and folk music, but always with an underlying jazz sensibility. From the soaring and uplifting classical grandeur of the title track ‘Neck of the Woods’ to the simple and sublimely beautiful arrangement of Abdullah Ibrahim’s ‘The Wedding,’ Neck of the Woods is an album of extraordinary creativity and energising charm.

Dave Stapleton explains the story behind the release, and why he has chosen it as album of the week:

“Neck of the Woods
was a pivotal album for Edition. We had worked on Marius Neset’s album Golden Xplosion the year before, which then gave us the opportunity to work on Neck of the Woods with Daniel Herskedal for the first time. Immediately, Daniel stood out to me as a performer and composer who was doing something fresh and new, as well as pushing the boundaries of his instrument, the Tuba. We’ve now worked on 6 albums with Daniel and that we were introduced to Eyolf Dale, who played piano on his ensemble albums and has subsequently released 4 of his own albums on Edition. Neck of the Woods is majestic and soaring: it has everything you want from an album – it’s inspiring, virtuosic, emotive and it’s captured perfectly. It’s been one of my highlights in our growing catalogue and I hope you enjoy it.”

Neck of the Woods is available to buy direct from our store here.