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‘Edition Records, the British jazz label that blows through the jazz landscape with hurricane power’. WRITTEN IN MUSIC

‘Edition could be my favourite British Jazz Labels’ GILLES PETERSON

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Over the last decade, Edition has evolved from a cottage industry and self-releasing artist based label, into a 21st Century global music company intent on supporting a progressive and creative artist roster, to develop, impact and thrive in the digital age.

Founding musician and CEO Dave Stapleton has overseen its growth and development to harbour over 35 artists from Europe and the USA at all levels of their career. In his continuous pursuit to redefine what purpose a modern-day, specialist music record label has, he counts his adaptation to changes and long term thinking as two of the most important factors in its rise.

To audiences, Edition has become an invaluable resource centre of exciting and  compelling artists who abhor complacency and despise predictability yet strive to find new pathways in their own explorations of this music. But, it’s been the labels submarine like effect to punch above its weight and quietly build a vast and eclectic roster including Chris Potter, Dave Holland, Jeff Ballard, Verneri Pohjola, Phronesis, Pablo Held, Jasper Høiby, Tim Garland, Julian Argüelles, Anton Eger as well as his own Slowly Rolling Camera to name a few, that has seen its growth as a creative, empathetic and passionate label.

Founding the label in 2008 to, at that time, release his own music and friends, Dave Stapleton’s vision went as far as providing a creative output for like-minded musicians. As he says “At first, I took it day by day. It was only after about 5 years when I started to seriously think about what the label could be, how we could exist and what our purpose was”. In the last 3 years, thanks to a series of highly successful releases from Tim Garland, Phronesis, Daniel Herskedal, Verneri Pohjola, Dinosaur and Slowly Rolling Camera as well as streaming successes from Eyolf Dale and Stuart McCallum, the business transformed dramatically and more recently achieved rapid international growth, accelerated by a run of recent signings including Chris Potter, Jeff Ballard, Kneebody, Kevin Hays / Lionel Loueke and Dave Holland, Zakir Hussain and Chris Potter, collectively known as Crosscurrents Trio. To date, Edition releases between 15 -18 albums per year with the same core principles it was founded on: to collaborate openly with the artist in supporting their vision whilst achieving the highest possible impact.

With their 10th birthday behind them, Edition continues to evolve and adapt to industry changes and to seek new creative ways build its audiences in its next decade. Underpinning everything is its belief in the desire and power of great new music and that changes will always occur but its the reaction to the changes that defines the outcomes. Edition is sat at the centre with the conviction and passion to share the new music with an open set of values and forward-thinking to grab an opportunity to become a dominant player in the global Jazz scene.

New Music. New Thinking.

Press Quotes:

“Daring and catholic, the fast growing UK independent label Edition is becoming a match for its near namesake, Munich’s Edition of Contemporary Music (or ECM).” BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE

“ECM isn’t the only great jazz label. The end of 2016 is a good time to take up the cudgels on behalf of Edition Records.” MANAFONISTAS (GERMANY)

“…the British company Edition records…A company led by Dave Stapleton has evolved to be one of the major record companies for Scandinavian jazz.” JAZZNYT (DENMARK)

“The British label Edition Records is a hub for the new vibrant jazz scene in the UK…” POLITIKEN NEWSPAPER (DK)

“It was an incredible Edition year. Our list of favourite records shows that…” WRITTEN IN MUSIC (NL)

‘Edition Records might be a small but growing operation, but there was a time 40 years ago when ECM Records was at much the same stage in Munich, and Edition reveals similar sixth sense for emerging innovators’. GUARDIAN

‘Edition Records has developed into one of the most vital record labels in jazz music’. YORK POST

‘One of the more artistically credible independent labels to emerge in Europe in some time’. IRISH TIMES

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