Gilles Peterson & Lionel Loueke Collaborate for the First Time on HH Reimagined

- 29 Oct 2021

NEW RELEASE IN 2022 - Gilles Peterson re-imagines Lionel Loueke’s incredible and acclaimed album HH, released in 2020, featuring the music of his long-term mentor, the legendary Herbie Hancock.


Gilles Peterson and Lionel Loueke have long term respect for each other’s music and when an opportunity to collaborate together came about, both jumped at the chance. The result is a brilliantly chaotic clash of worldwide club rhythms and guitar loops.

The connection is the master Herbie Hancock – a massive influence on the London based DJ and the Beninese guitarist. Performing the music of his mentor HH, released on Edition Records in Sept 2020, was a pivotal album in Loueke’s already fascinating journey from humble roots to illustrious career.

Reimagined, refocused and reinvented by Gilles and co-producer Alex Patchwork with parts re-recorded by Lionel, this is a kaleidoscopic view of HH which realises the full range of colours inherent in it.

The individual genius of Lionel meets the musical sensibility of Gilles to create a clash of ideas and styles that ignites on HH Reimagined.

Gilles Peterson has a worldwide reputation for cross-fertilising genres, working with jazz, dancefloor, African and Latin music. Lionel Loueke brings his Benin roots and jazz sensibility and blends music from around the world. A match made in heaven: head, heart, and feet. Not a remix, but a heartfelt collaboration of equal talents for the times. 

“Because that’s what music is all about. Feeling.” 

(Lionel Loueke, channelling Sun Ra)

“When Lionel Loueke’s version of ‘one finger snap’ came on I just knew we had to do something. I added bits and pieces and started playing it out … which has led to this re-imagining of the music from his awesome HH project! What joy it’s been to work with a man whose work I’ve admired since first hearing him with Gretchen Parlato in 2005.”  Gilles Peterson

“It was a mind blowing experience for me to work with Gilles. I remember the very first arrangement he made on just a few bars from one of the tracks. I was speechless and I am still amazed. That’s the touch and work of a real genius.”  Lionel Loueke

Certain collaborations spark an energy that excites on all levels. This is a special project bringing together one of the most singular performers and one of most celebrated DJs with Herbie Hancock at the core.

HH Reimagined will be released on Edition Records in Summer 2022