Sun Mi-Hong – a creative sensation

- 19 May 2022

One of the leading up-and-coming talents from the vibrant Amsterdam scene, Sun-Mi Hong has built a formidable reputation for her creativity and energy.

In Autumn 2022 Sun Mi-Hong will release a new studio album featuring her quintet. We caught up with her as she prepares for the album release:


1. You’ve just finished recording your new album, how was the experience?

Sun: I’ve decided to record an album after many concerts. That helped a lot to make the songs sound more flowy, more lively in the album. We believe that live recordings from gigs are always much better than studio recordings, so we tried to find a balance between keeping it live with the better sound quality. It’s a beautiful sounding album!


2. You’ve been living in Amsterdam now for about 10 years – what do you love about the city and what are your favourite parts?

Sun: I love Amsterdam because people are crazy about their work, there are a lot of freelancers, artists living in the city. Surrounding these people inspires me a lot and the jazz scene is blossoming, with a lot of great musicians and human beings from different parts of the globe.


3. What inspired the new album?

Sun: Every album I release is like my diary. 2021 marks my 10th year in Amsterdam and I’ve grown up so much with my friends, especially my band members who always inspire me to write new music. With my family in Korea, it’s not easy to live abroad without having the warmth of my family. Swallowing it and accepting it made me who i am and what I write music for. So this album reflects that, as well as my appreciation to the amazing people around me.


4. What are some of your favourite venues to play?

Sun: Bimhuis in Amsterdam, Sendesaal in Bremen and outdoor summer festival vibes in Spain & Catalonia and many more!


5. Your band is very important to you and your music, can you say something about each player in your quintet?

Sun:  I am blinded by these beauties,  there you go!

Nicolò Ricci, He is a very smart person, full of knowledge in music. At the same time he is very humble, he gives you space and listens to you and is the most honest person on the stage. I am touched every time I hear his playing that you hear his voice through his instruments, He really speaks. Alessandro Fongaro is consistently learning and adapting new stuff & new music. He is full of ideas with anything that interests him, he will dive into it. I really love his enthusiasm and I respect a lot for his dedication towards my music. Chaerin Im  – After the original piano player had to go back to Korea, I was thinking about her immediately besides many great piano players. She learns and adapts music in a second. She is limitless, I really love her way of playing with politeness and openness. Alistair Payne is the biggest input in my life in general. He always looks for different languages and brings that unique sound into the music. He is always in the process of translating my stories into writing. We listen to many different kinds of music and that way we explore music in a very similar direction.


Sun Mi-Hong will release her 3rd album in November 2022