Olivia Williams – Meet the team

- 27 May 2022

Meet the Team: check out a Q&A with our newest product manager Olivia Williams.

You’ve been working at Edition for 6 months now – what have been your top 3 moments so far?

They say you never forget your first: unwrapping the CD of Mário Laginha‘s ‘Jangada’, the first release I worked on from start to finish, was pretty awesome.

Going on tour with Kurt Elling‘s SuperBlue project: spending time with incredible musicians and watching the show grow every night was a privilege. No performance was the same and the guys brought so much energy to every set they did.

Fergus McCreadie hitting number 1 in the UK Jazz/Blues charts: one of my favourite albums I’ve worked on so far. Things are starting to really pick up for him and it’s exciting to be part of the team behind that.


What are you currently working on?

Well, I don’t want to spoil any surprises…what I can say is 2023 is going to be our biggest year yet, and there are a lot of exciting things coming.


You’ve come from the classical music industry into jazz, what are the main differences?

Wherever you are in the music industry there is this great sense of collaboration I’ve always loved: everyone is working towards the same goal.

In jazz the emails are shorter, the jokes are slightly better, and I’m allowed to swear more.

Classical music is facing its own diversity crisis, but it feels like there are (and this took me by surprise) even fewer women working in the industry side of jazz. The tide is slowly turning though, and I’m proud to be a 5ft.4inch part of that change.


What’s your favourite gig you’ve ever seen?

It’s got to be seeing Prince sing Purple Rain, in the rain, at Hop Farm Festival.

If it wasn’t, it would be Gilberto Gil & Caetano Veloso at Hammersmith Apollo. Two acoustic guitars, two glasses of wine, 3,000 incredibly emotional Brazilians. Unforgettable.


Who’s your all-time favourite artist?

There is so much amazing music out there! Why restrict yourself to just one? I feel like that’s something that we all have in common at Edition – we have really open, wide tastes, and will fall in love with any music, no matter what genre, if it’s got the right energy and intent behind it.


If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?

Recife, in the north-east of Brazil. Spent some time living there 5 years ago and never really got over having to leave.


Best thing about working for Edition?

The people. And the music.