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Slowly Rolling Camera | Slowly Rolling Camera

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Slowly Rolling Camera

DIONNE BENNETT lyrics, vocals
DAVE STAPLETON composer, fender rhodes, piano, hammond organ
DERI ROBERTS sound design, electronics, producer, trombone and additional saxophone

Other Musicians:
JASPER HOIBY double bass
MARK LOCKHEART tenor and soprano saxophones
NEIL YATES trumpet
KATY ROWE violin


1. Protagonist 5.16
2. Dream A Life  5.26
3. Rain That Falls 6.14
4. Bridge 6.20
5. Slowly Rolling Camera 5.19
6. Outside 5.52
7. Fragile Ground 5.46
8. Two Roads 5.07
9. River Runs Free 3.06
10. Rolling Clouds 7.23
11. Color 4.26

iTunes download includes 2 bonus tracks:
1. Undertones
2. Silent Song

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Slowly Rolling Camera, is the new project that teams up pianist-composer Dave Stapleton, producer Deri Roberts, vocalist-lyricist Dionne Bennett and drummer Elliot Bennett. The result is music that has distinct echoes of the ‘invisible soundtracks’ of UK progressives Cinematic Orchestra and Portishead.

Dipping into a diverse world of trip-hop, jazz and drum and bass rhythms, the record is influenced as much by the Cinematic Orchestra and Portishead as by James Blake and Bonobo, this music is both ethereal and visceral, brimming with real emotion and restless intelligence.

Produced by Andy Allan (Portishead, Massive Attack), ‘Slowly Rolling Camera’, is the self titled début album set for release early 2014 on Edition Records. The albums free flowing soul and digital funk shows a boundless approach to arrangement, from the warm, free flowing and texturally rich harmonies of tracks such as ‘Bridge’ and ‘Rain That Falls’ to the vibrating rhythms and ambient soundscapes of ‘Protagonist’ and ‘Rolling Clouds’, this is a remarkably produced album full of beauty and emotion.

The 4 band members have known each other for over 10 years playing in various jazz, funk & soul bands in the clubs of Cardiff, but it wasn’t until 2012 when they converged to form Slowly Rolling Camera. Bringing together 4 unique approaches in writing and production, the results are a highly original and collaborative sound from people that know each other, and know playing together. Expanding to a 7 piece for the live set, this band is a formidable unit.


‘Soundscape that has been compared with the Cinematic Orchestra and Portishead, but which throws Supremes-reminiscent vocal choruses and Coltranesque sax flights in for good measure – a soulful, powerful newcomer with Rising Star written all over it. Superb!’. GUARDIAN

‘Totally unlike anything else out there at the moment’. BBC RADIO WALES

‘Calls to mind the electronic soundscape makers like Cinematic Orchestra. This is heaven sent’. SHROPSHIRE STAR

If you’d throw James Blake, Portishead, Bonobo, Air, Massive Attack into a blender and flavor it with a dash of St. Germain or De’Phazz, the end result would be pretty damn close to the sound of Slowly Rolling Camera. BEATS AND BEYOND

‘If you’re looking for an album that has got hipster dinner-party scrawled all over it, then look no further. This is a jazzed-up nu-soul affair which is stuffed with orchestral sweeps, Bristol-style trip-hop and ethereal drum and bass rhythms. There is plenty of richness to be found in the grooves, too, and space (and quietness) is used in the effective manner of James Blake’. CRACK MAGAZINE

‘Portishead and the cinematic orchestra as clear reference markers, but there’s something deeper and more terra-formic than that at work here’. SUNDAY EXPERIENCE

‘Once Slowly Rolling Camera infiltrates the mind with its gorgeous compositions it becomes clear—this album heralds the arrival of a new and distinctive ensemble’. ALL ABOUT JAZZ

‘Whether this is the future of jazz or simply a temporary eddy formed by the swirling tides that make up contemporary music, the simple fact of the matter is that Slowly Rolling Camera has locked into a sound that’s definitely worth further exploration’. PASSION OF THE WEISS

‘Slowly Rolling Camera have carved a blend of alternative electronic full of radiating jerky piano patterns, settled grooves, intense orchestration’. SEE SOUND

‘Certainly musically the results are impressive and the whole project has a marvellous unity of conception that is admirably fulfilled. It’s a very strong album that deserves to bring this band success in a far wider field than just the jazz one’. JAZZ BREAKFAST

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Music by Dave Stapleton

Lyrics by Dionne Bennett

All music published by EDN Music / Westbury Music Ltd

Produced by Slowly Rolling Camera

Recorded by Andy Allan and Deri Roberts at Queens Road Studios, Bridgend and DER Studios, Barry between April and June 2013. Additional recording by Patrick Philips at Real World Studios, Wiltshire on 20th June 2013, David Ashman at On The Record Studios, Hazlemere on 19th Oct 2012 and by Andy Allan at

Turner Sims, Southampton on 26th June 2013.

Mixed by Andy Allan at Queens Road Studios, Bridgend in August 2013.

Mastered by Donal Whelan at Hafod Mastering, South Wales on 28th & 29th August 2013.

Vinyl cut on Haeco Scully lathe with Westrex RA1700 series amps, Westrex 3DIIA cutting head and Telefunken U73B tube limiter; Maselec master control and equalisation.

Mastered for vinyl by Jeremy Cooper for Gearbox Records and Edition Records.

Vinyl production by Darrel Sheinman for Gearbox Records and Edition Records.

Artwork photography by Dave Stapleton.

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