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A guitarist of considerable facility and creativity, Stuart McCallum rose to prominence playing with the Cinematic Orchestra on Ma Fleur and Live at the Albert Hall, but it is with his own music that confirms his reputation as one of the most vital, creative and soulful guitarists of his generation.

With 2 albums on Naim Recordings, Distilled [2011] and City [2016], Stuart McCallum embraced a wide range of influences blending instrumental soundscapes and glorious melodies with hooky drum beats. In 2015 he teamed up with fellow guitarist Mike Walker to release Beholden, a set or serence and elegant reinterpretations of the guitarists’ compositions and jazz standards. This led to signing to Edition Records to release this second duo album, The Space Between, a critically acclaimed release that was describe by MOJO as ‘haunting & evocative’.

In June 2017, Stuart McCallum digitally releases CITY LIVE, a 5 track EP recorded in 2016 at RNCM Opera. Bringing together his long term collaborators drummer Richard Spaven, Bassist Robin Mullarkey and Ivo Neame on keyboards as well as special guest singers JP Cooper and Sharlene Hector, City Live marks an exciting new era for Stuart McCallum with a new wave of digital singles and EP’s coming in 2017 and 2018. Focussing on collaborations, live recordings and remixes, as well as new music created with a wide variety of acoustic and electric guitars, fans can look forward to a period of increased output. The digital domain will allow him the freedom and opportunity to experiment and explore with new ideas, with the ultimate view of releasing new albums in 2018.


Check out the new single ‘Corry Strand’ from Solitude part ii here.

Stuart describes the process: “In order to experiment with these sounds I turned the whole computer into a loop pedal, recording the music section by section (each section being completely finished before moving on to the next) to imitate the way I would play them live.” Corry Strand – This was inspired by the great Julian Lage track, ‘Gardens’ – it’s in the famous DADGAD tuning -an open string modal tuning popularised by the folk/jazz guitar legend Davey Graham. Corry Strand is a place in County Leitrim in Ireland on the shores of Lough Allen. Hide & Seek was inspired by the John Smith track ‘Salty and Sweet’. “I wanted to bring my ambient influences to a more country/folk/roots sounding track.” Says Stuart. “This song emotes quite a childish and innocent feeling for me. It was fun to write and play.”

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