Sun-Mi Hong Signs To Edition Records

- 18 Jan 2022

One of the leading up-and-coming talents from the vibrant Amsterdam scene, Sun-Mi has built a formidable reputation for her creativity and energy. Recent accolades include... [more]

Album of the Week | Dinosaur – To the Earth

- 08 Dec 2021

Dinosaur | To the Earth (2020) Chosen by: Daniel Garel, Product Manager   “this is an open-handed celebration of jazz’s century of eloquence and influence,... [more]

Guest Picks

Chris Potter’s
Guest Picks

For more than two decades, Potter’s limitless creativity, effortless virtuosity and vibrant sense of swing has wowed critics, musicians and fans alike, who cite him as one of the most influential saxophonists and inventive improvisors of the modern day.

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“One of the most interesting jazz labels in the world right now is the UK label Edition. I can’t talk about jazz today without this label, which has a slam contract with top US players. Edition also plays a role in introducing the UK’s new talent to the world, which is also a must-see”. New Chapter, Japan

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