Miho Hazama m_unit celebrates with new album Beyond Orbits

- 25 May 2023

Beyond Orbits is the new album from composer and conductor Miho Hazama – a vibrant new album celebrating the 10 year anniversary of her ensemble... [more]

Josh Arcoleo ‘Time feat. Tendayi’

- 26 Apr 2023

With a blend of Poppy hooks, synth-led production and Jazz-infused subtleties, ‘Time’ the new single from London based multi instrumentalist/producer Josh Arcoleo, is masterfully crafted... [more]

Guest Picks

Daniel Herskedal’s
Guest Picks

Daniel Herskedal is an enigmatic master of sound and sonorous beauty. His music ebbs and flows with utter grace and poise, perfectly fusing the spirit of jazz with the compositional craft of classical music. Seldom do you hear a musician with such depth, emotional intensity and virtuosity shine whilst simultaneously pushing the boundaries of his instrument to the limi

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“One of the most interesting jazz labels in the world right now is the UK label Edition. I can’t talk about jazz today without this label, which has a slam contract with top US players. Edition also plays a role in introducing the UK’s new talent to the world, which is also a must-see”. New Chapter, Japan

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