Stuart McCallum
Solitude Part ii

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Release date: 6 December 2019


Available as limited edition vinyl, with online-only exclusives, as well as on WAV and MP3

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Stuart McCallum follows up his highly successful solo EP Solitude, with Solitude Part ii, with further explorations into the subtleties and emotive nuances of the acoustic guitar.

Credits and About

Stuart McCallum Guitar

All tracks written by Stuart McCallum
All tracks published by Real World Works Ltd
Produced by Stuart McCallum

Stuart McCallum is one of the most exciting, innovative and creative guitarists and composers working today. His series of EPs for Edition Records represent his personal expression and ability at its most pure and unmediated. 2018’s Solitude, a completely improvised series of vignettes, explored the subtleties and emotive nuances of the acoustic guitar in a breathtakingly beautiful way. The follow up, Solitude part ii, uses pre-composed devices and the live looping ideas that Stuart has developed in the live arena in a studio setting. The result is an extraordinary sound palette that manages to be soulful and experimental at the same time.

Corry Strand – This was inspired by the great Julian Lage track, ‘Gardens’ – it’s in the famous DADGAD tuning – an open string modal tuning popularised by the folk/jazz guitar legend Davey Graham. Corry Strand is a place in County Leitrim in Ireland on the shores of Lough Allen.

Hide & Seek was inspired by the John Smith track ‘Salty and Sweet’. “I wanted to bring my ambient influences to a more country/folk/roots sounding track.” Says Stuart. “This song emotes quite a childish and innocent feeling for me. It was fun to write and play.”

Stuart describes the process: “In order to experiment with these sounds I turned the whole computer into a loop pedal, recording the music section by section (each section being completely finished before moving onto the next) to imitate the way I would play them live.”


With its understated beauty and restrained emotional power, Solitude encourages repeated listens.

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