Wait For Me

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  • 2. The Wheel 5.08
  • 3. A Chance To Hear The Rain 4.01
  • 4. Sky Thinking 4.26
  • 5. FaceTime 4.19
  • 6. Early Feelings 4.26
  • 7. Tiers 2.41
  • 8. With You 4.08
  • 9. Here’s The Thing 3.26
  • 10. Burn Bright 4.15
  • 11. Floating Practice 3.37
  • 12. Wool Cotton Lace & Snow 4.31
The first 100 LPs will be numbered. Both the CD and LP will be signed.

Release date: 19 February 2021

Limited Edition Numbered & Coloured Vinyl+ Free Download
CD+ Free Download
24Bit 48kHz WAV

Available as: Limited Edition Numbered & Coloured Vinyl; CD; 24Bit 48kHz WAV; MP3.

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Release date: 19 February 2021


Available as: WAV; MP3.

Orders, Preorders & Delivery FAQs

Genre-busting, boundless storytelling – the inspired new album masterminded by Irish vocalist & lyricist Lauren Kinsella and producer Chris Hyson

Credits and About

Lauren Kinsella Vocals

Private: Chris Hyson Piano, Synths

Matthew Robinson Piano, Synths

Josh Arcoleo Saxophone

Dave Hamblett Drums

Guest Personnel

Lloyd Haines Drums on 'With You'

Alex Haines Guitar

Alice Zawadski Violin

All music by Snowpoet

All lyrics by Lauren Kinsella

Produced by Chris Hyson
Executive producer Dave Stapleton

All music recorded by Alex Killpartrick and Chris Hyson except drums and guitars recorded by Lloyd Haines and Alex Haines at BSMNT10
Mixed by Alex Killpartrick in August - September 2020
Mastered by Greg Calbi - 9th October 2020 at Sterling Sound

Artwork design by Oli Bentley, Split
Cover Photo by Dave Stapleton

Wait for Me is the compelling new album by Irish vocalist and lyricist Lauren Kinsella and producer Chris Hyson. The London based songwriters have composed a truly captivating piece of work featuring storytelling at its core.

Since the release of their first EP six years ago, they have been shaping their unique sound with a series of successful releases with each release seeing the group explore and expand within genre-fluid musical territories. Their third studio album suggests a deepening and maturity in the group’s sound and it is with this new release that the group shall connect further with audiences and fans worldwide.

Wait For Me is a mantra evocation to explore the deeper questions of how we love, how we accept our faults and how we let go in a time of profound confusion. With a lyrical buoyancy echoed in both the music and text, Wait For Me offers protection and solace, advocating openness to adversity and a way to safely navigate great change.

In a bold, flowing statement of self-identity, Snowpoet have produced a unique sonic experience in a style all their own. Their attention to every nuanced musical detail is precise culminating in an all-encompassing and inspiring work that celebrates their most definitive and creative album to date.

They wear their influences lightly and with impeccable taste they weave their signature and evocative hook-like melodies, rich harmonic movements, flutters of emotive sung-spoken singing and thick, rich production to create an album that suggests repeated listening.

As we move through intensely adverse times, creative and artistic freedom is paramount . With Wait for Me, Snowpoet’s music celebrates two like-minded souls that shine in a defining statement of the power of music, of creativity and of collaborative expression to demonstrate what is truly good about the world.

This is genre-less creativity, boundless story-telling and open collaboration in its purest and most authentic form. It is truly beautiful.