Snowpoet, the evocative, adventurous London based band led by the writing duo of Jazz FM Vocalist of the Year (2016) Lauren Kinsella and multi-instrumentalist Chris Hyson.

Born out of deep a musical friendship and a mutual understanding, their acclaimed eponymous debut Snowpoet won rave reviews and a devoted audience for their compelling sound, drawing comparisons with Björk. Thought You Knew (2018) took their musical collaboration and sound to the next level, blending sweet hook laden vocal lines with warm and lush arrangements. This music is infectious, delicate and tasteful. It followed Laura Kinsella’s critically acclaimed 2014 recording with Blue Eyed Hawk, the highly imaginative Under The Moon

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“One of the most innovative and creative new bands in the UK today.”
Soweto Kinch, BBC Radio 3


EDN1105Thought You KnewSnowpoetVinyl • CD • WAV • MP32018


"Such a flawless vocal performance..."

Late Junction, BBC Radio 3

"...a wonderful paring of musicianship…isn’t that beautiful!..a sound that brings a lot of things together: definitely Bjork comes to mind to me…and the Esbjörn Svensson Trio."

Jamie Cullum, BBC Radio 2