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Oddarrang | Hypermetros

Hypermetros is the fifth album from Finnish sound sculptors and creators of atmospheric epics, Oddarrang. The album is rooted by bold hooks and melodies, and moulded with raw, emotive themes; the title references the Greek word meaning ‘beyond measure’, which perfectly reflects the band’s ambition and vision. Closer in style to In Cinema (2013) and Cathedral (2009) than to the previous album Agartha (2016) Hypermetros is arguably Odderang’s most compelling album to date – warm, rich and uplifting!

Worldwide Release: 27th September 201
Format: LP, CD & Digital
CD Cat # – EDN1135
CD Barcode – 5060509790753
LP Cat # – EDNLP1135
LP Barcode – 5060509790760


1 Amber 6.57
2 Ohlop 6.18
3 Trichordon – I. Hypermetros 2.57
4 Trichordon – II. Klimakos 3.54
5 Trichordon – III. Pandura 2.58
6 Umi 6.13
7 15 Years 5.35
8 Blackstarr 8.02

Music composed by Olavi Louhivuori except for Ohlop* and Trichordon **
* Ohlop is composed by Osmo Ikonen
** Trichordon is composed and co-produced by Lasse Lindgren and dedicated to Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Olavi Louhivuori,
drums, synths;
Osmo Ikonen,
cello, synths;
Ilmari Pohjola;
trombone, synths;
Lasse Sakara,
Lasse Lindgren, bass, synths

Hypermetros is the emotionally profound and moving fifth album from Finnish sound sculptors and creators of atmospheric epics, Oddarrang. For the past three years the five piece, at their base in Helsinki, have been refining their sound, with mutual trust and a common purpose at the centre of their collective endeavour. The result is majestic and beautiful, an album that glows with a sense of hopefulness and momentum, moulded by  raw, emotive and uplifting themes. 

Hypermetros is a deeply emotive and intimate representation of five unique personalities bound together by shared respect, the love of playing together and by the music. It’s unequivocally an album for the most loyal Oddarrang fans but also a great place to start for new listeners. It embodies a natural flow and organic dimension that transcends boundaries and transports listeners into new worlds that extend across barriers from Jazz to Classical, Post-Rock and ambient to cinematic soundscapes. 

Masterminded by drummer Olavi Louhivuori, Oddarrang has a long history as a band built on friendship and trust  and a total openness regarding shared musical ideas. As Olavi recollects: ‘’We’ve been together over 15 years. It’s a group where musicianship and friendship are deeply intertwined, the strength comes from individuals from very different backgrounds (music and life) and each having a unique musical approach. This is a genuine melting pot, where different ingredients create a whole that is more than its parts sum – it’s intuitive, it’s natural, it’s very rare to experience this something we experience together when we sit down with our instruments.”

Those familiar with the band’s absorbing back catalogue will find this album sits closer to the earlier albums In Cinema (2013) and Cathedral (2009), than their previous Agartha (2016), but for new fans, this is a great place to start. 


Autumn 2019

10 Oct – Suisto klubi, Hämeenlinna
11 Oct – G Livelab, Tampere
1 Dec, We Jazz Festival, Helsinki
04 Dec – Kerubi, Joensuu
05 Dec – Poppari, Jyväskylä
08 Dec – Validi Karkia, Pori

March 2020

17 Mar – Berlin, Auster Club
18 Mar – Tonne, Dresden
19 Mar – Jazzclub, Regensburg
20 Mar – Unterfahrt, München
21 Mar – Tempel, Karlsruhe
22 Mar – tba, Bern (CH)
26 Mar – Scala, Ludwigsburg


Recorded by Tuukka Tervo at Finnvox studios, Helsinki, December 2018
Mixed by Tuukka Tervo, April 2019
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers

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