Finnish quintet Oddarrang has established itself as a band with an undeniably unique sound – blending monumental riffs and dynamic builds with heart-wrenching, anthemic melodies that soar over a compelling and absorbing rhythmical drive.

Experimental Finnish band Oddarrang make a genre-defying sound. They have been compared to the cool but moving expression of Icelanders like Björk and Sigur Rós – a mesmerising and spiritual sonic soundscape.

Oddarrang’s fascinating mix of musical moods, traditions and their unusual instrumentation (trombone, cello, guitar, acoustic bass and drums) are gaining them more fans at every performance.

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"They are reminiscent of post-rock bands like Sigur Ros or Boards of Canada, where there is a gloomy basic mood, but Oddarang create a stately and classic atmosphere...The mixture of synth landscapes, and other instruments are very successful."


EDN1135HypermetrosOddarrangVinyl • CD • WAV • MP32019
EDN1079AgarthaOddarrangCD • WAV • MP32016
EDN1046In CinemaOddarrangCD • WAV • MP32013


"...humming with diverse musicality"

The Guardian

"Oddarrang doesn't sound like any other band nor does it fit into any particular musical bag, but the music produced is extraordinary."

All About Jazz