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OLAVI LOUHIVUORI drums, composer

Finnish quintet Oddarrang has established itself as a band with an undeniably unique sound – blending monumental riffs and dynamic builds with heart-wrenching, anthemic melodies that soar over a compelling and absorbing rhythmical drive. ‘Agartha’ pushes that emotion and potency to new levels with earworm melodies you’re sure you’ve heard before and driving rhythms sent pulsing through your veins.


This is an album that drifts along with a quiet grace, and preferring subtlety over sharp jabs or explosions of distortion the key to its impact lies in the band’s ability to ratchet up the emotional resonance of these pieces without relying on bombast.” MUSIC OMH (UK)

“Released on the ever-wonderful Edition Records, it’s the kind of album that restores a moribund set of ears into the the place of loving music and all it has to offer, once again. It really does have the potential to draw in fans of multiple genres around the love of one band. Oddarrang, I salute you.” DROWNED IN SOUND (UK)

“…Their fourth studio album, arriving on single vinyl on gatefold, is named after a folkloric city at the Earth’s core, and features cello, trombone and much else amongst impressive ensemble playing, building an album that takes the listener on a fanciful but tuneful journey…” THE ARTS DESK (UK)

“Finnish quintet Oddarrang have sounded like a small lineup with big dreams since their emergence over a decade ago….humming with diverse musicality…” THE GUARDIAN (UK)

“They are reminiscent of post-rock bands like Sigur Ros or Boards of Canada, where there is a gloomy basic mood, but Oddarang create a stately and classic atmosphere…The mixture of synth landscapes, and other instruments are very successful.” JAZZNYT (DK)

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