Miho Hazama
Imaginary Visions

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  • 1. I Said Cool, You Said... What? 6.45
  • 2. Your Scenery Story 8.10
  • 3. Mingle-Mangle Goody Bag 7.22
  • 4. Home 8.48
  • 5. Mimi's March 8.12
  • 6. On That Side 8.01
  • 7. Green 5.28

Release date: 24 September 2021

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24Bit 48kHz WAV
320k mp3

Available as: CD; 24Bit 48kHz WAV; 320k mp3.

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One of the most promising and talented composer/arrangers of her generation, Grammy-nominated Miho Hazama releases her inspired new album, Imaginary Visions - her first album to feature the Danish Radio Big Band of which she is chief conductor.

Credits and About

Miho Hazama Composer, Conductor

Danish Radio Big Band

Peter Fuglsang Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

Nicolai Schultz Alto saxophone, Piccolo, Flute, Alto flute

Hans Ulrik Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Clarinet

Karl-Martin Almqvist Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Clarinet

Anders Gaardmand Baritone saxophone, Bass clarinet, Flute

Dave Vreuls Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Robin Rombouts Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Thomas Kjærgaard Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Mads la Cour Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Mårten Lundgren Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Peter Dahlgren Trombone

Petter Hängsel Trombone

Vincent Nilsson Trombone

Annette Saxe Bass Trombone

Jakob Munk Mortensen Bass trombone and Tuba

Per Gade Guitar

Henrik Gunde Piano

Kaspar Vadsholt Upright bass

Søren Frost Drums

Produced by Miho Hazama
Executive Producer: Dave Stapleton for Edition Records, Birger Carlsen for Danish Radio Big Band, Hiroaki G Muramatsu for JamRice Inc.

Recording & Editing engineer: Lars C. Bruun
Recording director: Morten Büchert

Mixed on April 6th-8th, 2021 at Sear Sound NYC, New York, NY, USA
Mixing engineer: Chris Allen
Assistant engineer: Steven Sacco

Mastered on April 20th, 2021 at Sterling Sound, Edgewater, NJ, USA
Mastering engineer: Greg Calbi & Steve Fallone

Photography: Agnete Schlichtkrull, Nicolas Koch Futtrup

Album artwork by Oli Bentley, Split
Photos by Nicolas Koch Futtrup

Søren Frost plays Yamaha drums, Istanbul Mehmet cymbals, Evans drumheads and Vic Firth sticks

Special Thanks to:
Thad Jones, Bob Brookmeyer, Jim McNeely and Danish Radio Big Band for their legacy, creativity and inspiration. Dave, Birger and G for making this project happen in a difficult time. Kim, Fimmer, Lene, Nicolas, Morten, Lars, Chris, Greg, Steve, Roberta at Sear Sound, Vicki at Edition Records, John and my precious parents for their generous support.

Other details:

I Said Cool, You Said…What?
Soloist: Nicolai Schultz (Flute), Per Gade (Guitar)

Your Scenery Story
Soloist: Mads la Cour (Flugelhorn), Hans Ulrik (Tenor saxophone)

Mingle-Mangle Goody Bag
Soloist: Mads la Cour (Trumpet), Henrik Gunde (Piano), Peter Fuglsang (Alto saxophone)

Soloist: Petter Hängsel (Trombone), Henrik Gunde (Piano), Mads la Cour (Flugelhorn)

Mimi’s March
Soloist: Peter Dahlgren (Trombone), Anders Gaardmand (Baritone saxophone)

On That Side
Soloist: Kaspar Vadsholt (Upright bass), Mårten Lundgren (Trumpet), Karl-Martin Almqvist (Tenor saxophone), Søren Frost (Drums)

Soloist: Karl-Martin Almqvist (Tenor saxophone)

Imaginary Visions is the visionary new album from Grammy-nominated conductor and composer Miho Hazama, featuring The Danish Radio Big Band – one of the leading jazz ensembles in Europe.

For Miho, this album represents a new era as part of a growing and blossoming international career.

“This is a significant milestone-moment for me. Since I have a classical music background, my brain sound has been more symphonic. However, The Danish Radio Big Band changed my perspective. They are so open and enthusiastic to new music. They can play diverse music with organic flow. I am extremely excited to work on this album” 

One might expect Miho to struggle with identity: a Japanese musician working in New York and Europe, a classically trained composer with a love of jazz and modern composition, but in fact she doesn’t think about identity – working with people and with music she likes is the important thing.

However the need to “make everything comfortable between people”, to balance the cultural values and musical demands of her work, feeds into her identity as a composer working in these different cultural and musical environments. Her ability to balance her own musical interests with outfits as different as the Metropole Orkest, The Danish Radio Big Band and her New York ‘chamber group’ m_unit symbolises her ability to square the identity circle.

“I live for music”, she says. “My hobby is to go to music shows, I always listen to music, I like to talk about music. Doing something that I like for myself and hoping that this is inspiring and encouraging to others”, this is Miho’s creed.

In 2019, Miho took up a post as the chief conductor of Danish Radio Big Band (DRBB) following in the footsteps of Thad Jones, Bob Brookmeyer and Jim McNeely (all early influences on Miho’s composing). Imaginary Visions is the first album with the DRBB to feature her compositions exclusively, and so is a career defining statement of her huge talent. 

“These compositions are hugely inspired by DRBB members; their tone color, character of playing, strength, uniqueness and authenticity. Also, these are secretly inspired by compositions from the former chief conductors (music directors) of DRBB, such as Thad Jones, Bob Brookmeyer and JimMcNeely. Studying their compositions definitely made me remember their ways of harmony construction, music vibes, forms, rhythmic motives, orchestrations and composition/harmonization ideas. It’s not obvious “copy and paste”, but it is more of my way to explore and digest these master-composers’ ideas.”