Edition launches new initiatives for artists

- 03 Jun 2021

Edition launches new initiatives for artists.

With career and artist growth deeply embedded in the DNA of the label, we are excited to formalise some new projects and initiatives that support that growth. The aim is to guide a select group of outstanding artists through every stage of the industry and provide a vital catalyst in reigniting their careers following an intensely challenging period.

The development and support of its artists has always been a central focus to Edition Records. In the last year, the pandemic has exemplified the fragility of the industry and the need for artists to seek support and guidance has been more critical than ever.

With these projects, our goal is to support the most interesting and innovative musicians to realise their full potential and to connect their music with global audiences in a changing world. The music industry is part of a wider ecosystem, where consumer habits, social paradigms and psychological factors are playing in everyday life. At Edition, our desire is to be part of the learning process and thinking to drive the necessary change for musicians to emerge in stronger, more sustainable places. 



Our first projects include:


An international scheme open to artists of any age to be part of a year-long project focusing on all aspects of their career growth. Through a series of workshops, one-to-one sessions and development exercises, this scheme will support eight musicians of exceptional talent with the potential to develop into world-class artists and creators. These sessions will help demystify the vital next steps in their career and provide leverage and footholds to enable their development over the next few years. 

From June 2021 we will accept applications from all international artists of all ages. There are no restrictions. Selections will be made in August with an aim to run the project from Sept 2021 to August 2022.

>> Please fill in this form to apply now.

Applications will close on 15th July


This scheme exists to nurture, develop and value the potential of one artist (group or solo) over the course of 2 years, including looking in detail at the writing, releasing and development of music to create value in increasingly challenging times.

We are very excited to announce that the writing partnership of Emilia Martensson and Matt Robinson will be the first participants of this scheme. Both musicians have shown considerable skill, vision and mind to create interesting and inventive music. Together, we have seen potential in their ability to communicate powerful, emotive music that can grow international audiences.

“In this constantly changing and oversaturated industry, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lose a sense of direction as an artist. In my experience, this can sometimes take the joy out of the creative process. Collaborating with a supportive team of musicians and experts who understand the creative process as well as the rapidly evolving industry in which we are in, is the missing element I feel I need to reach new destinations within my career. Working with Edition on Canopy will offer us an insight into the industry, and help me to see certain changes within our field as opportunities rather than hindrances. I am excited to enter into this new program together with pianist Matt Robinson to present our new duo project.”Emilia Martensson

“I am so excited about this new duo project with Emilia Martensson and the opportunity to work with Edition as part of the Canopy programme. Their support in helping us navigate the challenges of promoting, releasing and touring new music will be invaluable to the future of this project and us individually as artists.”Matt Robinson



All projects will be managed by Lucy Woolley. Please contact her for more information