Daniel Herskedal Wins Norwegian Grammy

- 20 Apr 2021

Singular artist, tuba player and composer, Daniel Herskedal has won the Spellemann Award (Norwegian Grammy) for his solo album ‘Call for Winter’.

Daniel Herskedal is an enigmatic master of sound and sonorous beauty. His music ebbs and flows with utter grace and poise, perfectly fusing the spirit of jazz with the compositional craft of classical music. Seldom do you hear a musician with such depth, emotional intensity and virtuosity shine whilst simultaneously pushing the boundaries of his instrument to the limit. On Friday, Daniel won the Best Composer category at Norway’s most prestigious music awards, Spellemann for his 2020 album Call for Winter.


“Composer and tuba player Daniel Herskedal has an extraordinary ability to expand the boundaries, and challenges the conventions for what can be done with the instrument. Herskedal is known for combining several forms of music and is considered one of Norway’s foremost talent in jazz tuba. “Call for Winter” is a majestic work that is inspired by the atmosphere it is created in.” – Spellemann.no


Call for Winter is Daniel Herskedal’s seventh album as leader and fifth on Edition. Taking the solo opening track ‘Mistral Noir’ from his 2015 album Slow Eastbound Train as a starting point, Call for Winter is built on layers of tuba and bass trumpet, with each layer adding more emotion and conviction. ‘Mistral Noir’ picked up adoring fans, instantly developing an audience for its unique and cinematic vision. Call for Winter takes that inspiration and expands it into a full-spectrum experience.


The cinematic scope of Daniel’s music is illustrated by the way he conjures landscapes in his compositions (evident in his elemental trilogy of albums Slow Eastbound Train, The Roc and Voyage) and has led to his work on soundtracks, including the gorgeous arrangement for tuba of ‘San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)’ for the multi-nominated, Brad Pitt produced, 2019 film The Last Black Man in San Francisco). In 2020, the track was selected by Coca Cola for use in their ‘Open Like Never Before’ global advertising campaign – introducing Daniel’s work to a wider audience.


For Call for Winter, Daniel musically self-isolated for two weeks in the depths of Norway’s frozen highlands, writing and recording this masterful music – before he had to actually isolate in the first Covid outbreak.


Daniel has been commissioned by and worked as soloist with the BBC Concert Orchestra, London Jazz Festival 2016, the Royal Norwegian Navy Band, Oslo Jazz Festival 2018, the Russian Patriarchate Choir of Moscow and he’s previously won the Norwegian Grammy with Marja Mortensson 2019.


“Receiving the country’s best music award as a composer is unbelievably great! Last January, I was alone in a cottage in a beautiful winter landscape – I stayed until ‘Call for Winter’ was fully composed and recorded. A huge thank you to TONO and Spellemann for finding it worthy of this award. I hope 2021 will be the year the album receives its first live performance” – Daniel Herskedal


Possessed of a natural flair for melodic resonance, Daniel Herskedal is a hugely gifted and dynamic composer. His music breathes and is full of life. In July 2021, Daniel will release Harbour, his new album with long term collaborators pianist Eyolf Dale and percussionist Helge Andreas Norbakken. With a Spellemann win behind him, the opportunities for Daniel of a post-Covid world look ever more enticing and exciting.

Call for Winter is available on Ltd LP/CD here.