Vocalist Emilia Martensson and pianist Matt Robinson release a series of hauntingly beautiful singles kick-starting their new project 'Solitary Creatures', born out of a love of song, and finding new creative interpretations.

The Vocal/Piano duet format is as old as the music itself and there’s been some great partnerships in European jazz in recent years – Sidsel Endresen/Bugge Wesseltoft (Duplex Ride), Norma Winstone/John Taylor to name two, both of whom Emilia Martensson and Matt Robinson cite as hugely influential. 


But it’s Emilia and Matt’s desire to create new and reinterpret repertoire in their own way, combined with their nuanced musical and warmth that defines them.


Their music is poised, delicate, evocative yet powerfully controlled. There’s an emotionally-charged sweetness to Emilia’s voice with an undeniable melting Swedish lilt. Coupled with Matt’s sensitivity, pianism and deep supportive musicality, their collaboration will see them capture the hearts of listeners.


Solitary Creatures is the first project for Edition’s Canopy initiative. The scheme exists to nurture, develop and value the potential of an artist (group or solo) over the course of two years, including looking in detail at the writing, releasing and development of music to create value in increasingly challenging times. Read more on Canopy here.

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