It is the goal of Kneebody not to be confined to any one genre. Though they exist in an instrumental jazz world, their influences and abilities cover an enormous swath of genres from chamber pop to hard-driving electronic-based productions.

Kneebody do not stand still. Always searching, always committed. Intent on discovering new pathways of musical expression. Never complacent and never predictable. Kneebody are one of the most adventurous and exciting bands of their generation for their sheer virtuosity and musicianship, armed with a clarity of vision and understanding of who their audiences are. Chapters, their 9th studio album and their first full album since they became a four piece with the extraordinary Nate Wood taking the dual role of drummer and bassist, is highly original, explosive and inventive. A powerhouse of firepower and virtuosity told with commanding musical intent.

Since releasing their self-titled album in 2005, Kneebody, based across the US in Brooklyn, Denver and Reno, have created a genre and style all their own. With explosive rock energy, high-level nuanced chamber ensemble playing and adventurous no-holds-barred improvising, Kneebody have amassed an impressive list of credits and accomplishments while the band has continued to thrive and grow in reputation, solidifying a fan base around the world.

Kneebody are the embodiment of a deep friendship, musical collaboration and collective creative spirit at its best. “We are a democratic, equally owned-and-operated band with shared leadership,” says Shane Endsley. “Everyone brings in music and everyone votes on everything.”

Their latest album, Live at Le Crescent will be released on the 24th June 2022.

“A colorful patchwork of influences and styles but the focus is never forgotten. The ingenious craziness of “cutting edge” jazz! This promises well for the coming performances.” Jazzhalo

“a perfect cocktail of their jazz, pop, rock and electro influences.” Jazz Magazine

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"Putting a finger on a band like Kneebody is a bit like raising it to the wind. At any given moment, the group’s artistic inclinations can whip in an unpredictable direction."
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EDN-1205Kneebody Live at le CrescentKneebody24 bit 96kHz WAV • MP3 320kbps2022
EDN-1137ChaptersKneebodyDouble Vinyl • CD • WAV • MP32019
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"a new era for the band, which features a new four-piece lineup and a new label in Edition Records. Despite the changes, "Spectra" shows that the group hasn't lost one bit of their originality and edg


"Kneebody is expanding into an even more accessible jazz group. A style that, given their great musical qualities, will greatly enhance their name and status."

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"The musicians effortlessly blend the far-flung harmonic patterns of jazz with the energy of rock / punk and the elegance of pop music."

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