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Tineke Postma | Freya

Freya is the seventh album from Dutch saxophonist Tineke Postma. Her first since 2014, Freya is a come-back album as a leader. Following an acclaimed international career, including work with legends Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, Tineke’s Freya represents a fresh start with a new label, reinvigorated energy and an exciting band that is collectively inspired by the experiences she has gathered throughout her career. Together with trumpeter Ralph Alessi, bassist Matt Brewer, drummer Dan Weiss and featuring pianist Kris Davis, Tineke makes music that is adventurous, empowering and full of risk-taking.

Cat No: EDN1150 / EDNLP1150
Format: CD / LP/ DN / Streaming
CD Barcode: 5060509790883
LP Barcode: 5060509790890
Release Date: 20th March 2020

Tineke Postma – alto and soprano sax
Ralph Alessi – trumpet
Kris Davis – piano
Matthew Brewer – double bass and electric bass
Dan Weiss – drums

1 Parallax 5.39
2 Scáthach’s Isle of Skye
3 Aspasia and Pericles
4 In the light of Reverence
5 Freya
6 Interlude #1
7 Heart to Heart
8 Juno Lucina
9 Geri’s Print
10 Interlude #2

All tracks written by Tineke Postma

About Freya

Freya is the new album from Dutch saxophonist and composer Tineke Postma, marking her highly anticipated return to making records since the release of her last album, Sonic Halo in 2014.  Tineke considers this new work her come-back album as a leader since she took time away to start a family. As one of the most prolific and respected musicians to emerge from the vibrant Dutch scene, Tineke Postma has been touring internationally as a leader since 2003. With a catalogue of six albums, her international profile has resulted in the Rising Star (soprano sax) award in the Downbeat Critics Poll, 2019 and performance alongside Herbie Hancock on International Jazz Day. Her forthcoming album, due for release in March 2020, marks the beginning of a new era for Tineke. After some years of performing more as a guest soloist than bandleader, and active in her role as a mother, this album represents a fresh start. 

Tineke is a musician of inventiveness and creativity, not afraid to explore the unknown, who revels in the inspiration of the master, Wayne Shorter, who once told her, before going on stage to perform together, “Let’s start composing”.

Freya is Tineke’s most personal project to date with new compositions created in the past year and inspired by the intense experiences and emotions of new motherhood. The album supplies lyrical melodies, exciting chords, groovy pieces, lots of interplay between the band members and room for silence and adventure. As Tineke explains: “I like to write multi-layered music with conceptual elements. The musicians I asked to join are free to do with it what they want. They are some of the most creative musicians around so I knew that it was going to be great whatever they came up with.” 

When Tineke heard Jack DeJohnette’s group ‘Made in Chicago’ including Roscoe Mitchell and Muhal Richard Abrams for the first time at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2015 she was blown away by their immense creativity, energy and adventure. The magical sounds and approach to improv of Roscoe Mitchell were new to her. Full of inspiration, Tineke started digging into the history, sounds and concepts of the avant-garde jazz scene in Chicago and this became a vital extension of her own jazz idiom. Tineke is also inspired by saxophonist Lee Konitz, her mentors Greg Osby and Terri Lyne Carrington, Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock. Tineke conducted an extensive study of various 20th Century composers such as Slonimisky and Messiaen and incorporated this into her personal style which can be described as lyrical, melodic, adventurous, groovy and emotional. Writing for a group consisting of sax, trumpet, bass and drums and no harmony instrument is new to Tineke. “I was forced not to lean on the support of a pianist or guitarist and therefore to write strong melodies which stand strongly on their own. Still, I really love the piano and that’s why I invited the fantastic Kris Davis for the album for a couple of features. ” 


“The album Freya is a tribute to creation in all its facets. In Norse and Frisian mythology, Freya is a goddess of creation, love and fertility. She’s the mother of all Frisian children – I was born and raised in Friesland, a beautiful region in the north Netherlands. Throughout this album I want to celebrate my new life as a mother which has been a profound and enriching experience”. Tineke Postma 

In addition to Freya, Tineke was inspired for this project by influential historical women such as Aspasia, wife of the statesman Perikles, a scholar and philosopher who had a great influence on Athenian culture in the 5th century BC. Women were treated as second-class citizens at the time but she used her status to open a school for philosophy and rhetoric. Aspasia is known for having an enormous influence on philosophers such as Plato and Socrates. 

Tineke’s collaboration with pianist and composer Geri Allen who died in 2017 has had a great impact on Tineke as a musician and human being. Geri was an extremely creative and influential pianist who also raised three children. Tineke feels deep admiration for her; Geri showed her beautiful human side in her music and was active as an artist at the highest level. 

Tineke’s mother, grandmother and other female ladies who had a share in raising Tineke are also celebrated on the album Freya. 


The album artwork is by Chicago based artist Chad Kouri. Chad created this piece exclusively for Tineke, inspired by the music of this album. Known for his vibrant, abstract compositions, Chad Kouri (b. 1985) is a working artist based in Chicago, examining themes commonly associated with visual literacy – specifically how we see, read, and remember the world around us. His practice is influenced by minimalism, jazz, conceptual and systematic art, design, fashion, printmaking and the grey areas between them. Chad’s work resonated strongly with Tineke; to her it felt as if he was creating art in a very similar way to her and that his style fits her music perfectly. She felt very honored when he decided to create a work for her. He created this work while listening to the music of this album. It symbolises the motivic, conceptional music of Tineke and the intertwining of trumpet and saxophone which move both synchronically and separately.


Produced by Tineke Postma
Executive Producer: Dave Stapleton
Recorded at Oktaven Audio, LLC, 35 Grove St, Mt Vernon, NY 10550, USA December 22nd, 2018
Studio Engineer Ryan Streber
Mixed by Dave Darlington
Mastered by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit Recording, NY

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