Mark Lockheart

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  • 2. Weird Weather 6.40
  • 3. Jagdish 2.27
  • 4. King of the World (Jagdish reprise) 3.47
  • 5. Gangster Rat 3.11
  • 6. Nature V Nurture 5.37
  • 7. Fluorescences 4.57
  • 8. Marmalade Skies 5.55
  • 9. Mirage 4.50
  • 10. Sixteen 3.19
  • 11. Dream Weaver 3.49
  • 12. Mingle Tingle 3.43
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Release date: 28 January 2022

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96kHz 24Bit WAV
320k mp3

Available as limited edition vinyl, with online-only exclusives, as well as on CD, WAV and MP3

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The new project from legendary British saxophonist featuring Elliot Galvin, Tom Herbert and Dave Smith: direct and unpretentious yet surprising and unexpected.

Credits and About

Mark Lockheart saxophones

Elliot Galvin keyboards

Tom Herbert bass guitar

Dave Smith drums

Music composed by Mark Lockheart except tracks 4 and 9 written by Mark Lockheart, Elliot Galvin, Tom Herbert & Dave Smith
Produced by Mark Lockheart
Executive producer Dave Stapleton

Recorded at the Fish Factory, London December 3rd-5th 2020 by Sonny Johns
Mixed by Alex Bonney

Mastered by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works

Special thanks to: Matt Calvert, Olivia Maguire, Rita and Daisy Lockheart, Steve Baker

Dave Smith would like to thank Istanbul Agop cymbals

This album is dedicated to John Ashton Thomas

Album artwork by Oli Bentley, Split
Photos by Dave Stapleton

Dreamers is the new project from the legendary British saxophonist and composer Mark Lockheart featuring Elliot Galvin (Dinosaur, Elliot Galvin Trio), Tom Herbert (Polar Bear, The Invisible) and Dave Smith (Robert Plant). Stylistically free and psychedelic in nature, the release of Dreamers signals a new trajectory for the musician who has already featured on a wide ranging and diverse catalogue of albums including Radiohead’s Kid A. As a founding member of Loose Tubes and Polar Bear, Mark Lockheart has always remained ahead of the curve and has constantly explored new directions in his own music. Dreamers epitomises this adaptation and evolution, allowing the music to speak beyond the boundaries of genre and predictability. Mark has created an album which is direct and unpretentious but also surprising and unexpected.

As Mark explains: “The grooves, the sonics and the musical character of each piece are all hugely important. The process of writing music for these musicians led me into a new sound world that’s very different from anything I’d done before”.

“I wanted this music to be unfussy and direct, but also unpredictable and surprising. The writing happened quickly for this album – my only intention being not to be restricted by style or genre. Of course there are influences and with hindsight I can hear many of them, John Zorn, Burt Bacharach, Ellington and  Kraftwerk are all here, not sure how, perhaps they were all in one of my dreams!”

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– The deluxe version includes limited edition ‘Fractal Blue’ Vinyl, only available on the Edition Store, with a PDF download of sheet music of all tracks.

Please note: With continued delays in Vinyl manufacturing, this title is expected to be delivered to Edition in Mid-May 2022. We aim to ship to customers as soon as possible after it arrives. We will continue to keep you in touch if there are any further delays.


“From Loose Tubes to Polar Bear and beyond, Lockheart’s capacity to be ahead of the jazz cure is undeniable.”

Jazzwise magazine