Ivana Gavric

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  • 1. Mazurkas, Op. 6: II. Sotto voce in C-Sharp Minor 2.42
  • 2. Mazurkas, Op. 7: I. Vivace in B-Flat Major 2.31
  • 3. Mazurkas, Op. 7: III. Mazurka in F Minor 3.01
  • 5. Mazurkas, Op. 24: I. Lento in G Minor 3.00
  • 6. Mazurkas, Op. 24: II. Allegro non troppo in C Major 2.28
  • 7. Mazurkas, Op. 24: III. Moderato con anima in A-Flat Major 2.15
  • 8. Mazurkas, Op. 24: IV. Moderato in B-Flat Minor 4.50
  • 9. Prelude in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 45 4.27
  • 10. Mazurkas, Op. 30: I. Allegretto non tanto in C Minor 1.47
  • 11. Mazurkas, Op. 30: II. Vivace in B Minor 1.34
  • 12. Mazurkas, Op. 30: III. Allegro non troppo in D-Flat Major 2.50
  • 13. Mazurkas, Op. 30: IV. Allegretto in C-Sharp Minor 4.02
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  • 15. Mazurkas, Op. 17: I. Vivo e risoluto in B-Flat Major 2.19
  • 16. Mazurkas, Op. 17: II. Lento, ma non troppo in E Minor 2.22
  • 17. Mazurkas, Op. 17: III. Legato assai in A-Flat Major 4.35
  • 18. Mazurkas, Op. 17: IV. Lento, ma non troppo in A Minor 4.47
  • 20. Mazurkas, Op. 33: I. Mesto in G-Sharp Minor 1.49
  • 21. Mazurkas, Op. 33: II. Semplice in C Major 2.26
  • 22. Mazurkas, Op. 33: III. Vivace in D Major 2.07
  • 23. Mazurkas, Op. 33: IV. Mesto in B Minor 4.58

Release date: 21 April 2017

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Chopin, is the fourth and major new album from acclaimed British pianist Ivana Gavric. With three highly successful albums behind her, her new disc explores her Slavic roots and focuses with a clarity and intensity on that mightiest of all composers for piano, Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin.

Credits and About

Ivana Gavric Piano

Recorded by Dave Rowell at Champs Hill, West Sussex in July 2016
Mixed and mastered by Dave Rowell in November 2016
Produced and edited by Ateş Orga
Steinway D Concert Grand 544101 Hamburg (1997)
Music concept by Ivana Gavric
CD liner notes concept by Ateş Orga
All photography by Dave Stapleton

Described as “playing of an altogether extraordinary calibre” by BBC Music Magazine on her debut disc ‘In the Mists’ in 2011, as well as having her third disc selected as Gramophone Editor’s Choice and noted for “an electrifying performance” by BBC Music Magazine, this new album has the potential to confirm her reputation as one of the most engaging and inventive pianists of her generation.

Chopin is a highly personal album for Ivana, as she explains: ‘I have always been fascinated by how composers create a sense of a national voice in their work. The most Polish of Chopin’s works, along with the Polonaises, the pervasive nostalgia of the Mazurkas speaks to me the most. My own heritage probably also explains my attraction to their Eastern European-inspired song. I have the fondest memories of dancing around my grandmother’s kitchen to tapes of polkas and mazurkas which she had brought back from a trip to Poland. Likewise of hearing my mother play many of the pieces featured on this album.

A player of elegance, virtuosity and deep musicality, Ivana’s new home with Edition Classics will allow her the opportunities to explore new repertoire that will captivate her loyal fans and new listeners alike. Ivana adds: “I’m very happy to join Edition Classics and be part of a large family of diverse artists. To find a home that grants me freedom to explore repertoire I’m passionate about, and allows me to present it to listeners around the world, is hugely inspiring”.

Focussing on the early Mazurkas – she stops in 1838 – for their charming more-rustic and less-stylistic qualities, as well as two infrequently met Preludes, the late Berceuse, and one of the early Nocturnes, Ivana adds: ‘I have decided not to present them in chronological order, but, rather, to mirror the contour of a recital – which hopefully will cast a spotlight on some of the lesser known numbers’.

Chopin looks set to reinforce her formidable reputation and to become one of the most vital albums from a British artist of her generation this year. With high profile concert activity, including two performances at the prestigious Wigmore Hall in 2017, Edition Classics is proud to collaborate with a truly unique talent, in a career that goes from strength to strength.


"The early Mazurka in F minor demonstrates just how good Gavric is, Chopin’s more arresting chord progressions played teasingly and hesitantly, as if she's making them up on the spot."

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