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Chris Potter | Circuits

Circuits is the major new album from one of the most influential and inventive improvisors of his generation. Rooted in groove, with a new home at Edition Records, Chris Potter’s Circuits features keyboardist James Francies, drummer Eric Harland and bassist Linley Marthe.


Worldwide Release: 22nd Feb 2019  
Format: Double Gatefold LP (180g), CD & Digital 
CD Cat No: EDN1123
LP Cat No: EDNLP1123
CD Barcode: 5060509790609
LP Barcode: 5060509790616


For more than two decades, Chris Potter’s limitless creativity, effortless virtuosity and vibrant sense of swing has wowed critics, musicians and fans alike, who cite him as one of the most influential saxophonists and inventive improvisors of the modern day. His new album, Circuitsis immediate and uplifting, rooted in a strong sense of groove and intense improvisation. Featuring an all-star band of 23rd year keyboard and Blue Note Artist James Frances, drum virtuoso Eric Harland and bassist Linely Marthe. Blending a vibrant sound world of electronics, memorable hooky melodies and surprising turns of phrase, Circuits is sure to delight both the dedicated Potter fans and new listeners alike.


CHRIS POTTER tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinets, flutes, sampler, guitars, keyboards, and percussion
LINLEY MARTHE electric bass (tracks 3, 4, 5 and 8)


  1. 1. Invocation
  2. 2. Hold It
  3. 3. The Nerve
  4. 4. Koutomé
  5. 5. Circuits
  6. 6. Green Pastures
  7. 7. Queens of Brooklyn
  8. 8. Exclamation
  9. 9. Pressed For Time


“Chris Potter is one of the world’s best saxophonists, a master at mixing modern musical genres with conviction, but it has been hard to embrace the diffuse, introspective discs he has recorded of late. With Circuits, his first release with the British label Edition, he consciously gets back to the groove and the result is a relief. His lyricism remains, but the music to which it is applied has far more grit and energy.” – 4 STAR review The Times

“the album, his first for the Edition label, soon returns to the gritty fusion jazz that marked his now-disbanded Underground quartet.” – 4 STAR review The Financial Times

“Circuits is a terrific recording, and what is does is show Potter at his show-stopping best. But it also combines this with the modern electronic sounds and demonstrates there is no line in jazz. Modern can match with traditional influences and merge to develop something verging on the extraordinary.” – 4 1/2 STAR review All About Jazz

“… this multi-instrumentalist and composer is always pushing forward with his craft, too, and his return to a contemporary sound didn’t mean a return to Underground.” – Something Else (USA)

“Jazzers have always reliably responded to the musical turmoil of their time. So Chris Potter had the sound of the present in mind when he was planning to realize a new project. A trend these days: away from the acoustic unplugged sound, to more electronics. With his trio “Circuit” the influential saxophonist plays a stunningly exciting Fusion 2.0 music.” – Jazzthing Magazine (DE) Ssirus W. Pakzad.


8th February 19 – Ground-Up Festival Miami, FL (Francies & Smith)
9th February 19 – El Cerrito Jazz Festival El Cerrito, CA (Francies & Smith)
1st March 19 – The Blueshore at Capilano University North Vancouver, BC Canada (Francies & Harland)
2nd March 19 – Revolution Hall Portland, OR (Francies & Harland)
4th March 19 – Kuumbwa Jazz Center Santa Cruz, CA (Francies & Harland)
5th – 6th March 19 – Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley Seattle, WA (Francies & Harland)
7th March 19 – The John G. Shedd Intitute for the Arts Eugene, Oregon (Francies & Harland)
8th March 19 – Blue Whale Los Angeles, CA (Francies & Harland)
10th March 19 – Musical Instrument Museum Phoenix, Arizona (Francies & Harland)
12th – 13th March 19 – Dazzle at Baur’s Denver, CO (Francies & Harland)
14th March 19 – Outpost Performance Space Albuquerque, NM (Francies & Harland)
27th March 19 – Vaulx en Velin, France (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
28th March 19 – Valence, France (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
29th March 19 – Vernouillet, France (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
30th March 19 – Rouen, France (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
31st March 19 – Auditorium del Conservatorrio Piacenza, Italy (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
1st April 19 – Porgy and Bess Vienna, Austria (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
3rd April 19 – Casa da Musica Porto, Portugal (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
4th April 19 – Rotterdam, Netherlands (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
5th April 19 – Tilburg, Netherlands (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
6th April 19 – Utrecht, Netherlands (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
8th April 19 – Moods Zurich, Switerland (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
9th April 19 – Blue Note Milano Milan, Italy (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
11th April 19 – Theater Russelhiwm Russelsheim, Germany (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
12th April 19 – Berlin, Germany (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
13th April 19 – Nasjonal Jazzscene Vitoria Oslo, Norway (Taborn, Lefevbre and Brown)
15th April 19 – Jazzit Musik Salzburg, Austria (Lefevbre and Brown)
16th April 19 – New Morning Paris, France (Lefevbre and Brown)
17th April 19 – Rijkevorsel, Belgium (Lefevbre and Brown)
26th – 27th April 19 – Regatta Bar Boston, MA
30th April – 1st May 19 – Blues Alley Washington, DC
2nd – 5th May 19 – Jazz Standard NY, NY
17th May 19 – Performance Hall at Logan Centre Chicago, IL
18th May 19 – Union Colony Civic Ctr Greenley, CO
21st June 19 – Miner Auditorium – SF Jazz SF, CA (Francies & Harland)

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