Chris Morrissey
Impact Winter Formal

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  • 1. Don't Look So Serious 5.02
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  • 3. Ode to All Night 6.47
  • 4. Cruel That It Ends 6.00
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Release date: 3 December 2021

96kHz 24Bit WAV

Available as limited edition vinyl, with online-only exclusives, as well as on WAV and MP3

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New York based composer and bassist Chris Morrissey returns with an incredible set of four singles under the collective of Impact Winter Formal.

Credits and About

Chris Morrissey Bass and Singing

Philip Dizack Trumpet

Ryan Ferreira Guitar

Dan Rieser Drums

Jon Cowherd Piano

Guest Personnel

Josh Dion Drums (The Indigos)

Grey McMurray Guitar (The Indigos)

Jason Rigby Saxophone (The Indigos)

All songs by Chris Morrissey (chris morrissey music, bmi)

Recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, New York between February 2019 and April 2021

Recorded and co-produced by John Davis

Mixed by John Davis at The Bunker Studio in April 2021

Mastered by Alex DeTurk at The Bunker Studio April 2021

Described by Chicago Reader as “casually clearing the way for one potential path for jazz to progress into the future”, Chris Morrisey is a musician with an uncanny ability to blend styles and genres. Informed as much by alternative music of the 90s like Elliot Smith and Bjork as contemporary Jazz of that era, it was the presence of Happy Apple, the hyper original punk Jazz group from Minnesota (Dave King, Michael Lewis and Erik Fratzke) that installed his sense of what was possible in music.

This new set of work, his fifth record as a leader, represents his most authentic blend of all his influences in one melting pot. Here’s a musician as adept as a singer-songwriter as an improvising Jazz musician and composer.

With Impact Winter Formal, he gives up on straddling two genre worlds and instead has both feet firmly planted in a totally new one that is personal and looking-forward, complex but immediate, tuneful and inspiring. The result is brilliant, engaging and emotive featuring some of the most interesting and creative contemporary musicians in New York including Philip Dizack, Ryan Ferreira, Dan Rieser, Jon Cowherd, Josh Dion, Grey McMurray and Jason Rigby.


"casually clearing the way for one potential path for jazz to progress into the future”

The Chicago Reader