Tom Barford, saxophonist, composer and winner of the 2017 Kenny Wheeler Jazz Prize.

An instrumentalist of supreme talent and creativity and a composer for his originality and vision, Tom Barford released his debut album, Bloomer, in Spet 2017, a vibrant, energetic and melodic album that won the praise of fellow saxophonist Evan Parker, describing Tom’s arrival:  “We are witnessing the birth of a new star in the Jazz firmament.”

In 2020, together with saxophonist Alex Hitchcock, Tom formed a new quartet, AuB (pronounced Orb) with bassist Ferg Ireland and drummer James Maddren. Formed with a fierce desire to make music together, to stand up and make a statement about what defines them as young and creative musicians, their eponymous debut was globally received as a band with an adventurous and risk-taking spirit.

Tom Barford is compelling and excitingly original.


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"We are witnessing the birth of a new star in the jazz firmament."
Evan Parker


EDN1117BloomerTom BarfordCD • WAV • MP32018


" is the contribution of Tom Barford who immediately snaps: he is an artist with something to say! An immediate sound, bold and fluid.”

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