Belgian Saxophonist Nicolas Kummert has performed through Europe extensively over the last 15 years developing wide acclaim and praise for his creativity, great sense of melody and freedom to explore the unknown.

Having played and recorded with Pierre van Dormael,  Yves Peeters Group, Jef Neve & GrooveTHing, Qu4tre, Alexi Tuomarila Quartet, Karl Jannuska, Matthieu Marthouret and Viktor Lazlo, Kummert’s focus has been developing his quartet with Blue Note guitarist Lionel Loueke, bassist Nicolas Thys and drummer Karl Jannuska. Their debut album, la diversité was released on Edition Records in February 2017.

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“There is often a wonderful gentleness to Nicolas Kummert’s playing that perfectly suits the music… and he shows a great musical personality”.
Brad Mehldau


EDN1083La diversitéNicolas KummertCD • WAV • MP32017