Pianist Keith Tippett was revered as an icon in the field of experimental jazz and improvisation. Making his mark from the '60s, he fronted his own bands such as Centipede in the 1970s and played with King Crimson.

Throughout his career Keith developed a formidable reputation as one of the most original and creative free thinkers of his generation with a highly individualistic improvisatory and compositional style. As a teacher he was much loved by his students and influenced generations of musicians in the UK and through the rest of the world. His work with large ensembles was unique, from the 50 piece Centipede, The Ark and the group commissioned by the 1998 Le Mans Jazz Festival and finally released on Edition. 

"Pianist, composer, bandleader, innovator, catalyst - the internationally acclaimed Keith Tippett is all these things and more"
The Wire


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