Marking a significant step up for the duo in its long history, both Ivo Neame and Jim Hart employ their vast experience of playing together for over 15 years in many different guises that sees their duo take a huge leap forward.

Over the last 15 years, both musicians have developed formidable profiles and reputations as amoung the most inventive and innovative instrumentalists of their generation in Europe. Multiverse is their first release to document this collaboration and it is achieved with great style, colour and dynamism. Multiverse is indeed multifaceted in its instrumentation, texture and repertoire.

Collaborating in a myriad of different projects, both musicians have played in an acoustic duo on and off since they first met but it’s their collaborations as part of the Marius Neset band that has seen the integration of their talents in their duo work blossom. Multiverse has been a labour of love, an album two and a half years in the making, which showcases the musical brilliance and skill of both musicians as multi-instrumentalists.

"Multiverse is joyous and has a sense of adventure which engages the listener."
UK Vibe


EDN1147MultiverseJim Hart & Ivo NeameCD • WAV • MP32020


"...The intelligence of their rhythmic combinations, the audacity of their changing color atmospheres, remind us at times of the magical dreamlike nature of Weather Report."

Jazz Magazine