DRIFTER is a Belgium based quartet co-led by Finnish pianist / composer Alexi Tuomarila and Belgium saxophonist / composer Nicolas Kummert.

Nicolas Kummert saxophone
Alexi Tuomarila piano
Axel Gilain double bass
Teun Verbruggen drums

In 2003 acclaimed pianist Alexi Tuomarila signed with Warner Jazz France, releasing two albums: ‘02’ and ‘Voices of Pohjola’, that brought worldwide attention and critical acclaim. He shared the stage with some of the biggest names in jazz, his international career and talent fast developing when, without warning, Warner Jazz ditched their jazz and classical department leaving Tuomarila, almost overnight, without management or career direction.

In a decade during which pianist and saxophonist individually expanded their musical horizons with constant touring, this special relationship was not forgotten and, finally, the time is right for Tuomarila and Kummert to reform the original Alexi Tuomarila Quartet, with new purpose and renewed energy, under the collective name of Drifter.

This new phase in the quartet’s history sees the band fuse the youthful energy and vibrancy of ten years ago with the experience of a decade on tour playing with some of the biggest names in the European Jazz scene.

“[Drifter] expand on their collective knack for invitingly simple sounding music concealing enticing ambiguities… a palpable warmth and intelligent empathy pervade their set.”
The Guardian



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