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Out September 2020

Featuring Shai Maestro, Gerald Clayton,
Michael Mayo, Joe Sanders & Nate Wood.

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High Heart is a play on the phrase “High Art, Low Art.”

“This project reflects my continued effort to create art that is personal and relevant in an increasingly impersonal time. The song titles refer to different challenges I’ve experienced while interfacing with a global audience. For example, the song “More” refers to the dangers of technological overuse and losing perspective, while the song “High Heart” refers to the human desire to connect and express through these new mediums at the risk of feeling isolated and cut off.

The digital age has created a profound paradigm shift and challenged what it means to be an artist. This changing perception of art and culture is aptly summarized in a recent study:

“For today’s audiences, the definition of culture has democratized, nearly to the point of extinction. It’s no longer about high versus low or culture versus entertainment; it’s about relevance or irrelevance…it is up to cultural organizations to reassert culture’s purpose in an increasingly complex world, by powerfully articulating and delivering on their essential impact.” (Kelton Global)

Ultimately, High Heart is a project of hope, and for me, a focused and personal statement in a time where it has become harder for all artists to find their way through the noise.”

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