The London based quartet, masterminded by saxophonists Tom Barford and Alex Hitchcock, is making huge waves as a part of the next generation of virtuosic instrumentalists intent on doing things their way.

AuB (pronounced ORB) is the self-titled debut album from the London based quartet masterminded by saxophonists Tom Barford and Alex Hitchcock.

Barford and Hitchcock are united by a fierce desire to make music together, to stand up and make a statement about what defines them as young and creative musicians.

This is an album driven by innovation and collaboration, as Hitchcock explains: “We tried from the start to find a radically new, ambitious approach to the quartet and a unique identity, playing to and combining both our strengths”. AuB takes the fiery potential of the two-sax front line and elevates the sound with the added depth of synths.

Think, Phronesis meets Polar Bear. This is music that is uncompromising and progressive, propelled by a powerful sense of purpose and collaboration.

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"AuB is actually doing something completely unique - something uncompromising and forward-looking...Rhythmically, melodically and sound-wise, this sounds so special...AuB has become a great collective that will be exciting to follow."



EDN1155AuBAuBCD • WAV • MP32020


"The lovechild of two of London’s up-and-coming powerhouse saxophonists, AuB are a twin tenor ensemble ready to make cataclysmic waves in the sound of UK jazz"