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We’re proud to announce the signing of world class trio featuring Portuguese pianist Mário Laginha, English saxophonist Julian Argüelles and Norwegian percussionist Helge Andreas Norbakken.

As some of Europe’s strongest musical personalities they combine gently propulsive grooves, complex but ever-lyrical melodies, and open-minded interaction and will release their debut album in Autumn 2017.


“…effortless chemistry and shared sense of purpose”
John Kelman, All about Jazz

“Laginha, a pianist who excels at lush lyricism, rollicking, driving accompaniment or long-lined, spirited melodic explorations” Darren Brown / Ottawa

“For the ability simultaneously to deliver great subtlety of musical character with both emotional energy and intellectual power, he [Argüelles] is one of the very best we have.” Peter Bacon, Jazzbreakfast

“Norbakken sends harmonic minnows into the periphery.” Tyran Grillo

Mário Laginha, Julian Argüelles and Helge Andreas Norbakken will release their debut album in Autumn 2017.

Mário Laginha piano

Mário Laginha is one of Portugal’s most respected, creative contemporary jazz musicians. Known firstly for his collaborations with fellow Portuguese jazz singer Maria João, with whom he recorded over a dozen discs and toured worldwide. Other famed (selected) collaboration work includes a duo with classical pianist Pedro Burmester which was extended to trio with the late pianist and film composer Bernardo Sassetti . Mário continues to explore new paths for jazz and Portuguese music.

Julian Argüelles saxophones

From his beginnings with the legendary Loose Tubes, through his worldwide collaborations, his current quartet (Tetra), to his searching solo projects, Argüelles has always spoken with a unique voice. His recordings, compositions and award winning arrangements have earned him highest accolades internationally with wide critical acclaim. He has become hugely influential to a new generation of European jazz musicians and continues to be amongst the most in demand musicians, composers, arrangers and educators. Click here for full biog.

Helge Andreas Norbakken percussion

Helge Andreas Norbakken is one of Scandinavia’s most renowned percussionists. He started playing internationally with the Mari Boine Band and went on to work with Maria Joao, Jon Balke, Kari Brenmes, Ayub Ogada and an impressive list of Norwegian and international musicians. He has developed his unique, distinctive percussion style through sound research, hand-made instruments and merging of timbres.