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WESTZEIT (05/2014)
‘Slowly Rolling Camera continues what Portishead, the Cinematic Orchestra and Massive Attack brought to the people as trip-hop. Slowly Rolling Camera goes one step further and integrates a jazzy sound which adds an enticing flavour with the saxophone’.

‘Who would have thought? A recent production spreads a nervous energy with frictional drum’n’ bass beats, yet at the same provokes associations of trip-hop and orchestrated jazz with and offers spacious underlying atmospheres. No wonder that critics keep mentioning names such as Massive Attack, Portishead, Air and the Cinematic Orchestra. Pianist Dave Stapleton as a composer knows how to cite real soul and even John Coltrane which creates a very distinctive sound’.

MEDIEN-INFO (05/2014)
‘Slowly Rolling Camera have rapidly built up a reputation as one of the most interesting projects emerging from the UK today for their robust grooves, deep emotional contrasts and compelling melodic and rhythmical hooks’.

‘With a free flowing and boundless approach to arrangement, this music combines texturally rich harmonies to the vibrating rhythms and ambient soundscapes full of beauty and emotion’.

‘The whole aesthetic of the music vividly suggests a series of frames or images that unfold at a leisurely pace, thus settling strongly into the sub-conscious to reveal layer upon layer of detail. Slowly Rolling Camera are purveyors of mysterious audio vignettes, moulded by a structural sophistication plugged straight into the vibrant emotional current of pop culture’.

‘A very hot tip for drum & bass, trip hop and jazz aficionados is the quartet Slowly Rolling Camera which is a breath of fresh air in the pop/jazz crossover culture with their debut album’.

‘Slowly Rolling Camera has heavy grooves, unleashed hooks and extremely emotional contrasts which remind us of the Cinematic Orchestra, Portishead and Massive Attack with a hint of John Coltrane. This is strengthened by an illustrious choice of guest musicians who make the songs shine with rich arrangements, textured harmonies and exhilarating rhythms which create beautifully atmospheric and sensual soundscapes’.

‘This new band celebrates great shows by skilfully enhancing their music with two brass instrumentalists, eight string players and many more guest musicians. It indulges and languishes in opulence, adds jazzy solos, demonstrates great detail, is cleverly dramatic and wets one’s appetite for more’.

‘The way jazz and trip-hop merge in Slowly Rolling Camera’s music is genius’.

‘An explosive mix of jazz and trip-hop’.

‘..everything merges together into a broad, powerful flow of sounds, rhythms and grooves. Could be a soundtrack’.

‘The combo from Cardiff understand how to create arty soundscapes which in the olden days one might have described as trip-hop.. but through Dionne Bennett’s soul voice various perspectives between soul and jazz appear and the double bass and real strings create a nice broad sound. Art-hip-soul-jazz-rock’.

T-ONLINE/DPA (05/2014)
‘The UK quartet on their way to a trip-hop comeback are especially helped by having fantastic songs full of jazz, soul and gospel feel, but especially by the tremendous voice of singer Dionne Bennett.. The epic, cinematic sound of Slowly Rolling Camera gains a real depth with such brilliant vocal performance’.

‘Mastermind Dave Stapleton and his companions – a dozen, including the guest musicians – did not create single highlights, but constructed a very organic piece of work which should be listened to in one go’.

‘A great soul, jazz and (yes!) trip-hop album that brings new life to the apparently dead genre’.

JAZZ PODIUM (06/2014)
‘Dionne Bennett, singer and texter of the quartet, puts so much emotion into her voice that the music occasionally seems to vanish between breath and vocalising. But then the musicians hold robust grooves and captivating hooks’.

GITARRE & BASS (06/2014)
‘Chill out soundscapes that should make fans of James Blake, Portishead, Cinematic Orchestra, Air, Massive Attack & co want to hear more’.

‘Great soundtrack for beautiful, long summer evenings’.

JAZZ THING (06/2014)
‘The music in Slowly Rolling Camera’s debut evolves slowly, merging moments of trip-hop, jazz and drum & bass which grips the listener with cinematic soundscapes, strong melodies and vocals’.

KULTURNEWS (06/2014)
‘Slowly Rolling Camera ask this of you: take a break and concentrate on your own film’.