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CHRIS MONTAGUE guitar / loops




1. Tax Return 4:05

2. Clint 6:12

3. 140 1:35

4. Golden 4:57

5. Bear 4:52

6. Cajoch 2:40

7. Twelve 3:58

8. Born in the 80s 6:56

9. Noonian Song 5:37

10. Call 2:20

11. Zeitgeist 1:45


A multi-textured trio with a febrile imagination where no role is pre-defined, their music twists and mutates in an ongoing dialogue inspired by a shared love of Aphex Twin, the angular world of iconclastic New York saxophonist Tim Berne and the blues-jazz-rock groove of legendary Steely Dan and Billy Cobham guitarist Wayne Krantz. With their visceral mash-up of rock, jazz and dance music, Trokya sound more like Tony Williams’ Lifetime remix by Burial than the classic hammond organ trio. But then that’s the point, they’re part of a new generation of young musicians who refuse to be constrained by the old boundaries. From the elemental groove of Tax Return, to the slide-driven throb of Clint, sly groove of Noonian Song, shimmering, tricksy Twelve and the twisted beauty and carefully calibrated mayhem of Born in the ‘80s, it perfectly nails the bands dark-toned lyricism, shape-shifting grooves and intense improvisational power. Play Troyka loud, they won’t let you down.


‘…the virtuosity and power of the jamming makes your hair stand on end’. GUARDIAN ****

‘A fascinating conjunction of dance-derived beats, abstract electronica, ambient music, Schofield-like guitar funk, and John Zorn-ish free-iazz’. GUARDIAN F & M

‘Troyka are widely tipped to create the kind of interest that Acoustic Ladyland and Polar Bear made when they first arrived on the London scene’. OBSERVER MUSIC MONTHLY ****

‘Mingus-meets-Motorhead melange of garage rock, improvised jazz, metronomic beats and extreme volume’. INDEPENDENT ****

‘Cerebral without being self-consciously playful without seeming glib, this fine debut is simply bursting with intelligence and wit’. JAZZWISE ****

‘Troyka freely mix genres and influences, but their pallette is dance-based and heavily amplified’. FINANCIAL TIMES

‘Troyka are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with; like King Crimson for the iPod generation’. TIME OUT

‘Troyka are yet another young London combo who are inhabiting the increasingly vibrant scene that’s devoted to the uninhibited collision between jazz, rock, free improvisation and funky jamming’. BBC ONLINE

‘The sound is stripped-down, intricate yet raw, even garage-bluesy in places, with a smart use of loops and a brilliant understanding of rock dynamics’. METRO

‘Their hot math-rock licks compress throbbing dub bass, bristling bottleneck blues, glitchy Alphex Twin bleeps and excessively catching tunes into a gusty head spinning whirl of futuristic prog’. TIME OUT


Tracks 1, 2, 3, 6,7,8,9 and 11 by Chris Montague and tracks 4, 5 and 10 by Kit Downes.

Produced by Troyka.

Recorded by Robert Harder at Harder Sounds on 14th and 15th Oct 2008 and 6th April 2009.

Mixed and mastered by Robert Harder at Harder Sounds, London in November 2008 and April 2009.

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