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Stuart McCallum & Mike Walker | The Space Between

STUART McCALLUM acoustic guitar and electronics
MIKE WALKER electric guitar

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“…haunting & evocative…” MOJO (UK)

“…the album consistently highlights the originality and natural compatibility of these two virtuoso guitarists. It’s an album you instantly want to play over again.” ALL ABOUT JAZZ (UK)

“Two wonderful guitarists…nice new music on Edition Records…” JEZ NELSON JAZZ FM (UK)

“…a gentle gift from two of our most accomplished string fellows…Guitaro-philes will drool…” Jazzwise (UK)

“Lovely track there, really nice expansive sound they get from the use of the string section…can’t wait to hear the full album…” BBC SCOTLAND

“Guitar aficionados will hear two supremely gifted six-stringers, not afraid to flirt with banality and wholesome tonalities to get to the good stuff. Pat Metheny is the master of that particular art, and McCallum and Walker between them nail the Metheny formula, the former with his big, ringing acoustic sound, the latter with soaring, uplifting solos.” IRISH TIMES

“Let’s be clear: The Space Between is a wonderful album… British guitar masters McCallum and Walker again make very clear that they are of exceptional class. It is not just an album full of beautiful compositions with warm-blooded arrangements but also a sample of where British jazz also currently stands: at a very high level.” WRITTEN IN MUSIC (NL)

“These two British guitar giants, are playing together are in guitar heaven, allowing the spontaneous and unforced ‘Space Between’ much respect.” DA MUSIC (NL)

“The Space Between is a deserving title for the album, as the track itself encapsulates some of the best composition and playing of the duo and includes the string quartet. Beautiful string playing is at times in unison with the guitars and elsewhere echoing lines and the track fades beautiful into the space. It sums up the beautiful playing of McCallum and Walker that make this a lovely autumnal album.” KIND OF JAZZ (UK)

“An impressive joint statement from McCallum and Walker. Beautifully played and immaculately crafted the album also contains some excellent original writing from McCallum.” THE JAZZMANN (UK)

“… If one had to characterise the new project, then it would be laid back guitar playing with a strong emphasis on the musicality. Both are open-minded in attitude and favour an approach that soaks up diverse influences.” UK VIBE (UK)

“Both friends and fellow guitarists…combine very effectively on this thoughtful selection.” NORTHERN ECHO (UK)

“Superficially this album could just be described as some enjoyable guitar playing, but when it is really listened to, the richness of the music and the variety of influences is revealed and is very rewarding.”  SANDY BROWN JAZZ (UK)

“…both rigorous masters of the highest class. Here we meet the two guitarists in a great duo setting.” TOR DE JAZZ (NO)


The Space Between is the second album by long-term friends & guitarists Stuart McCallum and Mike Walker. Following 2014’s self-produced Beholden, The Space Between is an album that expresses McCallum and Walker’s abiding love of melody and space, their friendship and respect, and the multifarious sounds and timbres that their instrument has to offer.

Beholden featured spacious reimaginings of the guitarists’ compositions and jazz standards; the music was serene and elevated. The Space Between finds Stuart and Mike developing extra gravitas, focussing on McCallum originals written especially for the duo. In addition they include two exquisitely chosen standards: Bacharach & David’s ‘Alfie’ and ‘My Ideal’, also covered by Sonny Rollins, that sit perfectly in the set, balancing the flow

McCallum and Walker have had the privilege of working with an impressive range of musicians (Stuart with Cinematic Orchestra, Richard Spaven and Slowly Rolling Camera and Mike with Impossible Gentlemen, George Russell and Kenny Wheeler amoung others),  demonstrating the dynamism and musicality that they both have to offer. The Space Between is not just an album documenting a musical  friendship and the love felt for an instrument, it also raises both musicians to a new level and should earn them the respect, profile and greater audiences that their skills and their wide experience demand.

Recording in the Wood Room at Real World Studios has imparted an earthiness and warmth to the recording that complements the playing. Listening to ‘Aflie’ you can almost hear the log fire gently burning away into the night!

Restricting their roles to Walker on the electric guitar and McCallum on acoustic, The Space Between is a bold statement. McCallum and Walker are British guitar giants, equally proficient and skilled, yet with vastly different sounds, setups and backgrounds. As a duo, there’s a deep connection between these two musical minds, a great sense of unity, mutual respect and generosity. As a duo they are able to create something that transcends their individual brilliance to create music of real beauty and authority.

The Space Between was released on 25th Nov 2016

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