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Stapleton / Roberts |The Conway Suite


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DAVE STAPLETON church organ
DERI ROBERTS tenor and soprano saxophone


1. Prologue 7:54
2. Second Light 4:07
3. Incantation 3:57
4. Calm 4:46
5. Journey Home 14:35
6. Epilogue 8:20


Inspired by the spacious and spiritual acoustics of the Conway church, this recording is a document of six improvisations and part-composed pieces that display a new side to the collaborative relationship and chemistry between Roberts and Stapleton. Crossing the boundaries between classical, jazz and contemporary minimalism it’s a very warm, mesmerizing and powerful recording full of seductive melodies and an atmosphere that veers between the scary and the sublime.


‘This remarkably soulful recording coaxes a huge variety of sounds from the airy church acoustic, with Terry Riley-type drones leading into late-Coltrane wails, creating a satisfying natural sense of space and place… What’s more striking is the strong, spiritual feeling of the slowly unfolding form’. INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY ****

‘The Conway Suite reminds me of that Hilliard Ensemble and Jan Garbarek album ‘Officium’ but not as self consciously ecclesiastical and I actually prefer it for that reason’. BBC RADIO 3


All music by Dave Stapleton & Deri Roberts.

Recorded at Conway Church, Cardiff.
Mixed and mastered by Deri Roberts at Brollyman Studios, Cardiff.

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