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Alexi Tuomarila | Seven Hills


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MATS EILERTSEN double bass


1. Seven Hills 5.11
2. Cyan 6.21
3. Prologue 7.55
4. Jibeinia 4.34
5. Skuld 5.40
6. Pearl 6.34
7. Visitor Q 4.01
8. Miss 3.51
9. Ceremony 8.06


Alexi Tuomarila left Finland as a teenager to train at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. He graduated in 1999 and began a career in Belgium, winning a series of price group or soloist in 2001 Hoeilaart, Springboard Avignon and that of Monaco. He soon signed on Warner-Finland for three albums and recorded at Studio La Buissonne with Belgian bassist and drummer. We then find the head of a quartet including saxophonist Nicolas Kummert for his album “02”. Knighted by Brad Mehldau, who signed his liner notes, he has little to do with the aesthetics of the famous trio EST Rather, it is the side of the universe hanging in the Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko that we should find a strong influence. Moreover it is in this quartet (see “Dark Eyes” by ECM) that has long collaborated with his current drummer Olavi fellow Louvihuori. Norwegian bassist Mats Eilertsen joined them in 2006 for the album “Constellation” trio.

With Seven Hills (recorded in Lisbon – the city of Seven Hills) the music, the compositions, the playing and communication are even better. It’s more controlled, bound together with a greater and more developed precision and vision. This music is highly creative and bustling with life and is sure to ignite a lot of interest over the coming months. Seven Hills is an album that will turn heads and help return Alexi to where he left off at the height of his career with Warner Music. It marks a new chapter in Tuomarila’s illustrious career and with a greater maturity to his playing, composition and approach to music making (as well as a firm home at Edition Records) he is set to take a giant step forward in his career.

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‘Make a note: Alexi Tuomarila is one of the next big deals on jazz piano’. JAZZTIMES

‘With “Seven Hills” Alexi Tuomarila has emerged as a particularly endearing composer. And like his mentor Brad Mehldau, he finds a way to deepen his natural lyricism in telepathy with his partners. His best record to date, recorded this time in Lisbon, the city of seven hills!’. FRANCE MUSIQUE

‘Tuomarila’s long piano improvisations develop with an unflappable sleekness, and his rhythm section – particularly the formidably articulate and quick-thinking Eilertsen – enhances everything he touches’. GUARDIAN


Music written by:
Alexi Tuomarila – tracks 1, 3, 6 & 7
Olavi Louhivuori – tracks 2, 4, 5 & 9
Mats Eilertsen – track 8

Recorded by Andre Fernendes at Timbuktu Studios, Lisbon, Portugal on the 26th – 28th of September 2011.
Mixed & mastered by August Wanngren at We Know Music Studio, Copenhagen in October 2012.
Produced by Alexi Tuomarila Trio.

Executive Producer: Dave Stapleton.

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