Kurt Elling
Secrets Are The Best Stories

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The Grammy Award Winning album!

Release date: 1 April 2020

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Secrets Are The Best Stories - the new recording from the world’s foremost jazz singer - translates an artistic vision of history, mystery, and storytelling into a musical message both singular and deep.

Credits and About

Kurt Elling Vocals

Danilo Pérez Piano, Fender Rhodes

Clark Sommers Bass

Johnathan Blake Drums

Rogério Boccato Percussion

Román Díaz Percussion

Chico Pinheiro Guitar

Miguel Zenón Alto Saxophone

Kurt Elling (all tracks except track 11), Danilo Pérez (all tracks except track 1), Clark Sommers (tracks 1,2,3,4,6 & 10), Johnathan Blake (tracks 2 & 6), Rogério Boccato (tracks 3,4,6 & 10), Romån Dîaz (track 2), Chico Pinheiro (track 10) and Miguel Zenón (track 6).

Recorded and mixed at Sear Sound, NYC by Chris Allen.
Prepared piano for Song of The Rio Grande and Fender Rhodes on Esperanto recorded at Cholo Music Studios engineered by David Rosenspire.
Mastered by Chris Allen

Secrets Are The Best Stories is the new album from acclaimed vocalist and Grammy-winning artist Kurt Elling featuring renowned pianist Danilo Pérez. Released on the British label, Edition Records, this vibrant and adventurous new album not only marks a vital new collaboration between two of the greats in the music but is an album that confirms Kurt Elling as the male vocalist of his generation – one who has the presence, the message and the artistic vision to stand out from the rest.

Here, Elling adds evocative new lyrics to compositions by greats like Pérez’s iconic collaborator Wayne Shorter, late fusion bass genius Jaco Pastorius, and visionary composer/arranger Vince Mendoza, and to pieces from Pérez’s own catalogue. Along with his own compelling narratives, Elling adapts the works of contemporary poets Franz Wright and Robert Bly, the 19th century abolitionist poet Frances E.W. Harper and Nobel-winning author Toni Morrison.


"Elling sings lines that seem impossible. Dystopian dissonance and nightmarish musical images feed dense metaphors wrapped in poetic camouflage. The passion is earnest and pitch perfect."


"Two masters here...That really took me by surprise, that pairing, it seems to work so well...Kurt Elling's masterful voice, it's just absolutely brilliant!"

Jamie Cullum, BBC Radio 2


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