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Pablo Held | Investigations

‘The trio gel together as well as any jazz unit could hope to aspire and even exude something of the near-supernatural compatibility of the legendary Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette line-up. Whilst mostly recognised as a European outfit, as evidenced by this stunningly beautiful album, the group really needs to be recognised as a world class trio of exceptional talent’. All About Jazz

Artist: Pablo Held Trio
Title: Investigations
Format: CD, LP and digital
Release Date: 13th April 2018
CD Barcode: 5060509790333
LP Barcode: 5060509790340
CD Cat #: EDN1109
LP Cat #: EDNLP1109

CD Track-listing //
1 Investigations 7:47 | 2 Dr. Freeds 4.20 | 3 I’ll Dream of Flowers 5.19 | 4 Yearning 6.24 | 5 Stubborn 4.58 | 6 April Sonne 5.38 | 7 Birkenhain 6.13 | 8 Haiku Kit  4.45 – Total: 45.22

LP Track-listing //
SIDE A – ​01 Investigations 7:47 | 02 Dr. Freeds 4:20 | 03 I’ll Dream of Flowers 5:18 | 04 Yearning 6:24
SIDE B – ​01 Stubborn 4:57 | 02 April Sonne 5:38 | 03 Birkenhain 6:13 | 04 Haiku Kit 4:45

“The beautiful music of the Pablo Held Trio strikes me as an important example of the evolution of the piano trio in jazz. They embody the poetry and depth of this tradition, while extending the harmonic and rhythmic possibilities of the tradition. The music of this trio brings me joy knowing that this great art form continues to grow and flourish.” Ralph Towner

About ‘Investigations’ //

Pablo Held piano / Robert Landfermann double bass / Jonas Burgwinkel drums

Regarded as one of the most talented and adventurous pianists and improvisors in Europe, Pablo Held releases in April 2018 his landmark 10th album Investigations. Featuring long-standing trio of bassist, Robert Landfermann and drummer, Jonas Burgwinkel, the album is his first for British imprint Edition Records. A pivotal album in the trio’s journey, the trio’s adventurous spirit and energy reaches global audiences and with the release of ‘Investigations’ ignite a new wave of interest for a true working band.

Crafted with an alluring blend of elegance, lyricism and sophistication, Investigations is an album that perfectly fuses tradition with modernity, familiarity with exploration and poised nuance with passion and energy. With a deep friendship at its core the trio’s highly personal sound is built on an adventurous spirit and conversational voice that has developed through many years of recording and touring. They are risk-takers and forward-thinkers, always ready to dive into the unknown, continually evolving. It’s this and their uncanny ability to communicate with one voice that has earned them a place as one of stand-out jazz trios in Europe.

Pablo Held is an artist of talent, maturity and sensibility, aware of tradition yet continually looking forward in search of something new. The Pablo Held Trio is exceptional both in its conception and execution; constantly blurring the boundaries of composition and improvisation. Its abstract, emphatic musical conversations coalesce in stories that take alternately tender, serene, and fiery turns. All three are master musicians, adventurous spirits and investigators of new musical horizons. After 12 years of touring, nine highly acclaimed records and remarkable collaborations with jazz greats such as John Scofield and Chris Potter, Investigations is the next exciting step in the trio’s development.

“Naturally, while writing these songs, I was trying out lots of different things musically but each idea was triggered by a personal feeling for those close to me. And of course these songs were all written with my friends Robert and Jonas in mind. Playing together with these two masters for the last twelve years has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.” Pablo Held

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