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Mark Lockheart | In Deep

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1. Stairway 1:50
2. Surfacing 10:05
3. Golden People 6:42
4. Long Way Gone 5:53
5. Undercovers 3:06
6. Believe it or Not 7:49
7. Not in My Name 7:33
8. Falling 2:44
9. Sand Into Gold 5:58
10. Snakeout 1:14
11. Nutter 2:10
12. Sunday Soon 5:34


It’s the command and authority of Lockheart’s saxophone that first strikes home on In Deep – magisterial, confident with maybe just hints of those two great tenor titans – Michael Brecker and Joe Henderson. Then the sheer quality of the writing hits you – these are tunes once heard not forgotten. And then the power, confidence and commitment of his group grabs you by the coat and you know they’ve got you.


‘Posterity may come to regard In Deep as the key record of the second golden age of British jazz’. MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS *****

‘It’s the strength of the melodies that marks this out from the mass of Brit jazz releases as his quintet skilfully mix catchy hooks with improvisation’. THE TIMES ****

‘Affecting melodies, endlessly inventive’. OBSERVER

‘Saxophonist Lockheart (Loose Tubes, Polar Bear) has been an excellent player in an over crowded sector for ages, but this new quintet’s gimmick-free collection of 12 strong originals moves him close to the top of the class’. INPENDENT ON SUNDAY

‘Tenor saxist Mark Lockheart, a former Loose Tubes member, is a familiar presence from the Polar Bear front line. But though this session reflects some aspects of that quartet’s offbeat, lugubrious lyricism and rhythmic ingenuity, In Deep is Lockheart’s own show’. GUARDIAN ****

‘One of the most glorious bits of writing and playing you’ll hear this year’. JAZZWISE ****

‘The ensembles often have a furious power, and the solos reflect that with their urgency. Lockheart’s work nods to Coltrane and Michael Brecker, but he’s firmly his own man’. YORKSHIRE POST

‘The album maintains the consistently high standards we have come to expect from one of the UK’s most talented musicians and is a strong candidate for his best work to date’. JAZZ MANN ****

‘A rich and varied album, warmly recommended’. VORTEX CD REVIEWS

‘If you don’t know his work, this is as good a place as any to start the investigation’. SCOTSMAN


All compositions by Mark Lockheart except track 8 by Noble/Lockheart and track 10 Noble/Høiby/Smith/Lockheart.
Produced by Mark Lockheart.

Recorded by Dave Moore at Phoenix Sound, Pinewood Studios in June 2008.
Mixed by Steve Baker at Galapagos Studios, London in January 2009.
Mastered by Mark Tucker in February 2009.

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