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Paula Gardiner | Hot Lament


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PAULA GARDINER bass, acoustic guitar, flute
LEE GOODALL saxophones, flutes, percussion
MARK O’CONNOR drums, percussion


1. Hot Lament 5:13
2. In the Garden 3:54
3. Interblue 0:38
4. Passage 1 (Unspoken) 1:21
5. Riding in the Back of the Salmon 3:30
6. Compassion 3:33
7. Passage 2 (Spoken) 2:04
8. Embrace 1:04
9. Beneath Rioja Skies 8:27
10. Interblue (2) 0:37
11. Comment 9:50
12. Fritillia 7:04
13. No Coincidence 4:40
14. Morning 1:33


Hot Lament is a trio record from one of Britain’s most lyrical and melodic bass players. There’s an authority and maturity of vision here that surpasses so much that calls itself Modern Jazz. If there’s a track that defines Hot Lament, it is Beneath Rioja Skies – vibrant and forceful, it’s a sheer masterclass in the Art of the Trio. With Hot Lament, Paula Gardiner is no longer a Welsh-kept secret.


‘A musical journey that is well worth undertaking. Hot Lament deserves to bring Paula Gardiner to the attention of the national jazz audience’. JAZZ MANN

‘It’s a masterpiece. Cleverly delicate yet effervescent and always ingeniously dynamic’. CARDIFF JAZZ


All music by Paula Gardiner

Recorded by Lee Goodall at Oakfield Studios, Newport in April 2008.
Mixed and mastered by Lee Goodall at Oakfield Studios, Newport in May 2008.
CD preparation by Gaz Williams at Fliskin Manor, Bristol.

Artwork Design by Alexi Mills.
Artwork photography by Andrew Harrison.
Additional photography by Dave Stapleton.

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