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Jasper Høiby | Fellow Creatures

JASPER HØIBY double bass, composer
LAURA JURD trumpet

1. Folk Song 6.11
2. Fellow Creatures 7.29
3. World of Contradictions 3.56
4. Little Song for Mankind 6.51
5. Song for the Bees 4.47
6. Tangible 6.30
7. Collective Spaces 3.03
8. Suddenly, Everyone 7.33
9. Before 3.15
10. Plastic Island 5.33

About Fellow Creatures:

“I can only describe it as joyous. It’s a joyous album.. “ JAMIE CULLUM BBC RADIO 2 (UK)

“Jasper Hoiby’s wistful yet vibrant compositions are uniformly irresistible and with excellent performances all round, this seductively addictive album is going to yield frequent and satisfying plays.” ALL ABOUT JAZZ (UK)

“…such a good album…” JEZ NELSON, SOMETHIN’ ELSE (UK)


“Fellow Creatures…finds the Danish bassist pushing beyond the tightly-wound trio parameters of his work with Phronesis and into the realms of extended ensemble barrier-busting…” JAZZWISE (UK)

“…clever/crafty writing that, while sounding fresh, is also smart and original. From the opening track…[jasper] succeeds in drawing you into an album experience…what a pleasing performance this nicely-balanced quintet has created…” JAZZWISE (UK)

“At times is sounds like one of Arild Andersen’s albums… it appear that when a bassist composes for more than a trio, then it becomes powerful music. This is music with muscles, although  lyrical and beautiful as well. Bassist Jasper Høiby deserve credit for the recording Fellow Creatures. We get 10 great and accomplished songs, which are performed by five brilliant British musicians.” SALT PEANUTS

“Clearly Høiby has gathered a great group of musicians around him. His first solo album in particular is going to be very good.” WRITTEN IN MUSIC 

“The band flowed from the outset, whether criss-crossing lines, changing tack or simply stretching out.” FINANCIAL TIMES

Fellow Creatures is the new album from the prolific and formidable bassist, bandleader and composer Jasper Høiby.  Primarily known with Phronesis, Fellow Creatures is the vital new project that  combines a strong sense of groove, driving energy with atmospheric textures and contrapuntal rhythms. It was described by London Jazz as “..fusing the infectious grooves of a Phronesis rhythm section with the off-kilter hooks of Polar Bear”. This landmark album from Jasper Høiby builds on the meteoric rise and continuing critical success of his glowing international career as one of the most creative, innovative and powerful performers, composers and bandleaders of his generation in Europe.

Liner Notes by Jasper Høiby

This album is very important to me and there are several reasons why. Firstly, It’s been a dream of mine for a while to start a larger ensemble and to have the option of writing for two melody instruments as well as the trio, which is a format I obviously love dearly.

With this project and album, it was very important for me to try things that I wouldn’t be able to do with Phronesis and so, although I still think this record will have much in common with the trio, in many ways it’s also an attempt to cover new and different ground. The music here may seem less explosive at first, but I hope some of its subtlety and richness will be revealed by repeated listens. My wish was to tell a story with a whole record, and to cherish that intimate relationship between an album and its listener that used to be commonplace, perhaps a return to the days when you would listen through from start to finish, again and again, until you grew to know every single note, space and emotion and it became part of your inner world, your personality even. My own musical inspirations started like this and I think it’s an important part of what’s helped to shape my musical DNA. This record is a celebration of the album as a narrative, as well as the personalities expressing it, and who bring so much to the tunes.

Secondly, the titles and to some extent the writing are inspired by a brilliant book by Canadian author Naomi Klein called, ‘This Changes Everything’. The book talks about what we have to do to make sure that we don’t devour this beautiful planet, along with all it’s natural resources. It discusses how we can seize this environmental crisis and transform our failed economic system to built something radically better for everyone.

Lastly, I want to dedicate this album to my older sister who sadly passed away this year in February. Jeanette, I couldn’t have hoped for a better sibling than you. You have taught me so many important lessons in life and you have somehow made me, and everyone around you realise just how lucky we all are. We all miss you dearly. Also the utmost respect and heartfelt gratitude to my mother, Lis Høiby who has dedicated much of her life to looking after Jeanette and of course, Karen, Peter and Annette for all your love, dedication and care.

This music is an encouragement to the love between human beings and an acknowledgement of our belonging to nature, that I believe we all share as fellow creatures.

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