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André Fernandes | Dream Keeper

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Dream Keeper is the first major international release from Portuguese guitarist Andre Fernandes.

“I always look forward to hearing what Andre is doing. He’s a great guitarist and composer. I have also had the pleasure of playing with Andre many times and that has always been a blast. MOTOR continues his fine musical journey” DAVID BINNEY

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All compositions by André Fernandes except 7 by Perico Sambeat

PERICO SAMBEAT alto and soprano saxophone, flute

MARCELO ARAUJO percussion on 2 and 6
PAULO GASPAR bass Clarinet on 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6
DESIDERIO LAZARO tenor Saxophone on 2 and 6
GONCALO MARQUES trumpet and flugelhorn on 2 and 6

About ‘Dream Keeper’:

‘Dream Keeper’ is a high-class and innovative set of originals that marks the first major international release from Portuguese guitarist and composer Andre Fernandes.

Since 2002 Lisbon-born Fernandes has generated a wave of glowing reviews for appearances with some of the finest international musicians. As a beacon of inspirational energy and determined spirit in his native Portugal, Fernandes has been described by Portuguese music critic, Rui Eduardo Paes, as ‘one of the most important Portuguese jazz musicians today, with credits that largely surpass the field of jazz and a continuous ability to surprise us’.

‘Dream Keeper’ is a career defining album that draws together Andre’s strengths as composer, player and bandleader, with the help of a stellar cast of musicians, into one coherent and well-executed album. ‘Dream Keeper’ confirms Andre’s promise and offers him an opportunity to approach a global audience and ignite a glowing international career.

Born in Lisbon in 1976, Andre Fernandes is a natural leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2002, he formed T.O.A.P. (Tone of A Pitch), his own imprint, as a way to take control of his own destiny and as a vehicle for his talented cohorts. Driven by the desire to collaborate and an empathy and respect for his band mates, Andre has plenty to give. Compositionally, the music is bold with a determined spirit drawing on a wide array of influences and colours. As a player, Andre has a commanding sound with inventive use of pedals, tones and colour. As a bandleader, he leaves space for others to shine and is able to bring the best performances from his musicians. There’s obvious mutual respect and friendship on offer and the music is the better for it.

If ‘Dream Keeper’ is a sign of what is to come for this young, incredibly talented guitarist, then the next few years look very exciting.


Recorded May 6 and 7 2015 at Timbuktu Studios by Luis Delgado.
Mixed and mastered by André Fernandes.


“Sun drenched guitar, silky grooves and slinky themes” THE FINANCIAL TIMES (UK)

“Born in Lisbon in 1976, guitarist André Fernandes is becoming a significant international player in jazz…Undoubtedly, the colourful arrangements, imaginative instrumentation and consummate execution of these seven compositions all contribute to the strength of this excellent and well-balanced album.” ALL ABOUT JAZZ (UK)

“An intense but rewarding listening experience. His compositions may be complex and have a lot going on, but they are also built on strong melodies which helps to give the music considerable appeal.” THE JAZZMANN (UK)

“Together they gel and solowise they are totally ungelled! Plowing their individual furrows.”

“…Andre Fenrnandes really is one to watch. This is the album of one who sounds already like the whole package & so in time could be absolutely massive. The album shows a mature & fresh compositional style, an impressive improvisational ability and a really good ear for exhilarating interesting jazz. I couldn’t recommend it enough.” RADIO CARDIFF (UK)

“These six originals by Fernandes (plus title track written by saxophonist Sambeat) meld energetic contemporary jazz with crashing prog guitar influences and the kind of folksiness found across the exploratory ’70s Canterbury scene of, say, Caravan, Camel or early Soft Machine – a dizzying experience at times, with a saturation of cross-pollenated textures, requiring focus to become immersed in this undoubtably slick, fast-changing crucible of ideas.” AP REVIEWS (UK)

“A definite grower from player of wide scope and strong character.” THE JAZZ BREAKFAST (UK)

“One the most galvanizing portuguese jazz musicians surprises us again with a record that is a true stone in the pond here or anywhere else in the world…Fernandes is proof that for there to be good jazz, it takes more than technical skills within the language: you have to imprint personality into the music.” JAZZ.PT (PRT)

“…really something to look forward to.” HIS VOICE (CZ)

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