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Misha Mullov-Abbado | Cross-Platform Interchange

Cat No: EDN1091

Barcode: 5060509790050 (CD)

LC Code: 28731
Format: CD  & Download

  1. Shanti Bell 03:48
  2. No Strictly Dancing 06:28
  3. Waves 11:10
  4. Gromit’s Grand Outing 05:12
  5. Still, Hidden Morning 07:21
  6. Pure 100% Nunnery 07:06
  7. Cross-Platform Interchange 07:48
  8. Hair of the Bop 07:31

All music by Misha Mullov-Abbado
Produced by Duncan Bridgeman and Misha Mullov-Abbado

Executive Producer: Dave Stapleton

“Mullov-Abbado need not fear being constantly compared with his parents…he is an instrumentalist and composer in his own right.” RONDO MAGAZINE

MISHA MULLOV-ABBADO double bass & bass guitar
JAMES DAVISON trumpet & flugelhorn
MATTHEW HERD alto saxophone
SAM RAPLEY tenor saxophone & clarinet
LIAM DUNACHIE piano & fender rhodes
ELAD NEEMAN percussion


London based bassist and composer Misha Mullov-Abbado burst onto the scene in 2015 with a debut album that prompted a stream of plaudits from international press and fans alike. New Ansonia, released on Edition in Sept 2015 and featuring wunderkind Jacob Collier, was described by the Daily Telegraph as an ‘unfailingly inventive, artfully produced, and delightfully sunny debut’ whilst Concerto Magazine in Austria commented ‘…this is the kind of album I expect of musicians who’ve spent more than 40 years on the Jazz stages of the world… Sensational debut !!!”. As the son of the late great Italian conductor Claudio Abbado and Russian violinist Viktoria Mullova, there was great anticipation about the album. Misha not only exceeded expectations but demonstrated that he is an instrumentalist and composer in his own right.

Cross-Platform Interchange, Misha’s second album, not only confirms his promise as a musician and composer of real depth and vision, but demonstrates his intention to do things his own way. Playing on his love of trains as well as the reciprocity and stylistic openness within his music, the album title perfectly symbolises the interconnectivity of inspiration in his life and music. With a commanding bass sound and bank of influences at his disposal, Misha has produced an album that will elevate his international career and generate a global fanbase. Bringing in producer Duncan Bridgeman has been a significant step in shaping the music. As Misha explains: ‘Bringing Duncan on board opened up a new world for me to develop ideas of using the studio more in the compositional process, achieving a warmer and more controlled sound as well as adding further elements, such as the additional percussion recorded in Israel that wouldn’t be there in a live context. For me this album represents that discovery, bringing together my inspirations into one world’.  

Drawing on this broad palette of styles, influences and inspirations Cross-Platform Interchange is a summary of the musical cosmos that is Misha Mullov-Abbado. Take the opener: ‘Shanti Bell’, a playful yet commanding introduction to Misha’s unique outlook on the world, with strong Avishai Cohen-esque bass figures. Gromit’s Grand Outing, leaves the listener in no doubt about the sense of joy present in his music. Or ‘Waves’: full of delicately intertwined melodies with warm chord progressions and inventive soloing. Misha has the unique gift of writing songs that you seem to know even as they’re being played.
Second album syndrome was clearly no issue for Misha. With apparently effortless grace he has produced an album that stands as a mature, high quality and masterly production, an album that shines a light on his own vision and musical perspective. Misha is an artist with a long career ahead of him and there is no doubt that Cross-Platform Interchange will be a significant staging post in this journey.

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