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Dave Stapleton | Catching Sunlight


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DAVE STAPLETON piano, composer
NEIL YATES trumpet
PAULA GARDINER double bass
Joel Garthwaite (soprano), Hannah Riches (alto),
Lewis Evans (tenor), & Loz Hamer (baritone)


1. Treading the Earth 3:41
2. Catching Sunlight 8:33
3. Dancing Around Rocks 3:46
4. A Shady Mantle 4:20
5. Shimmers 5:08
6. Under the Canopy 3:12
7. Of Willow Fringe 3:01
8. Stepping Out 9:52
9. Beyond the Horizon 4:46
10. Stalking the Vision 2:10
11. Encircling the Ocean 3:07


‘Catching Sunlight’ is an album filled with gorgeous melodies, drenched in sensual harmonies and driven by subtle, shifting rhythms and strange, exotic time signatures. Commissioned by The Lunar Saxophone Quartet, the music weaves and intertwines delightful dancing melodies over the rhythm section’s steady, supple pulse and Neil Yates’ floating trumpet. Both the title and subtitle (Music for an Imaginary Film) convey an impressionism confirmed by pianist-composer Dave Stapleton’s writing, which is so well conceived that it s sometimes difficult to separate the written from the improvised.

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‘This disc is without a doubt one this year’s best and certainly one of those under-recognized gems that shouldn’t be ignored’. DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY, NEW YORK

‘Pieces rank among the best performances I’ve heard all year’. INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

‘Dave Stapleton’s writing is so well conceived that it’s sometimes difficult to separate the written from the improvised’. IRISH TIMES ****

‘…with a sound halfway between Miles and Arve Henriksen. An excellent recording with standout contributions from both composer and trumpeter’. JAZZWISE ****

‘His compositional building blocks, repeated ostinati, short motifs that shift through registers and keys, and choppy phrasing alternated with smoother melodic or freely improvised sections, remain the basis of his technique, but the structures are tighter and his playing more deftly controlled than on his earlier recordings’. PIANO MAGAZINE

‘Rich and colourful music from one of the UK’s most talented and ambitious young jazz composers’. THE JAZZ MANN ****

‘Stapleton’s writing mostly revolves around propulsive piano vamps with nods to Gil/Miles circa Sketches of Spain’. JAZZWISE ****

‘Here is some of the best new jazz around, both in conception and writing and its performance is exquisite. It really is brilliant’. CARDIFF JAZZ SOCIETY CD REVIEWS


All music by Dave Stapleton.
Published by Dave Stapleton Music / Westbury Music Ltd.

Commissioned by the Lunar Saxophone Quartet in may 2007 with assistance from the Musicians’ Benevolent Fund.

Recorded by Andy Allan at Christchurch Studio, Bristol on 8th & 9th March 2008.
Mixed and mastered by Andy Allan at Brollyman Studios, Cardiff in June 2008.

Produced by Dave Stapleton.
Album photography by Dave Stapleton.
Design by Alex Mills, Burning Red.


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