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Aki Rissanen | Amorandom

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Winner of the Emma Award, the Finnish Grammy

“Suprisingly excellent Finnish piano jazz album of the 2000’s…Rissanen accomplishes to transfer emotions in his music in a way, which is rare in jazz today. The esthetics and the level of expression in his music makes him a musician, which the Finnish jazz scene should be extremely proud of” KESKISUOMALAINEN (FI)

“Aki Rissanen Trio’s album is a Finnish jazz classic” ILKKA (FI)

“The music flows effortlessly like solving a mathematical puzzle. One never gets tired with Amorandom”  SATAKUNNAN KANSA (FI)

“The music on Amorandom is personal and well thought-out and worth several listenings.” HUFVUDSTADSBLADET (FI)

“The trio confirms its place among the  most significant piano trios…Multi-dimensional album without weak parts” VALONKUVIA (FI)

“Absolutely fantastic album. The trio’s interplay allures us to listen to the album over and over again….This is Rissanen’s chance to breakthrough internationally…Amorandom is a mature and multi-faceted album, where the personalities of three experienced musicians come out very well complimenting each other”  JAZZRYTMIT (FI)

“Truly top album!”  SALON SEUDUN SANOMAT (FI)

“Aki Rissanen has made his international breakthrough album…Rissanen’s melodic compositions and intricate ensemble trio-working are thrilling…The more personal and free approach makes the album different from traditional piano trio records” KAUPPALEHTI  (FI)

“The Finnish pianist Aki Rissanen has in recent years emerged as one of the most influential pianists in the Finnish jazz scene…”Amorandom” is a nice trio piano disk, and the three musicians with this have made the journey out into the wider world.” SALT PEANUTS (NO)

“The music on the album is based on the former Rissanen soundtrack to one experimental animated film and is strongly influenced not only dense jazz esprit a’la EST, but also minimalism, impressionism and classic Nordic lyricism. However, the resulting sound by the trio is absolutely unique! Breathtaking …” JAZZPORT (CZ)

“Rissanen’s austere harmony, his folky melodies, the intensity of the trio’s interactions, added to the lingering sense of narrative, give Amorandom its own unique atmosphere.” THE IRISH TIMES (IE)

“…Rissanen’s fine trio is a formidable force, with fresh musical intelligence to match flawless techniques.” THE GUARDIAN (UK)

“…it’s only now that the pianist’s own distinct identity is emerging on his latest long-player, Amorandom.” JAZZWISE MAGAZINE (UK)

“…a mix of minimalist, phrase-based pieces and Northern cool romanticism, music originally written for an animated film. There is wit and a great deal of movement in it, and it’s easy to create one’s own twisting and turning, jumping and switchbacking visuals to suit the activity of the music. It’s an album that gets under the skin with overall mood and atmosphere…” THE JAZZ BREAKFAST (UK)

“It’s a piano trio album that has continued to unfold with repeated plays, and Rissanen gives the other two members of the group space to spread out and develop ideas…” DAVID TRAHERNE BLOG (UK)

“Displaying a distinctly oblique yet beautifully affecting jazz sensibility, Finnish pianist and composer Aki Rissanen’s Amorandom defines ‘the piano trio’ afresh in an album which effervesces with both spontaneity and unpredictability. “ AP REVIEWS (UK)

“In a world of piano trios, a point of difference is simply essential. This particular trio, hailing from Finland and led by pianist Aki Rissanen, makes that difference clear from the outset. The key to this, and in addition to each of the musicians’ individual talents, is the group’s ability to change mood subtly and kaleidoscopically…the over-arching characteristic of this excellent album is its ability to consistently engage the listener, which it does with aplomb.” ALL ABOUT JAZZ (UK)

“Contemporary piano, for sure, but not beyond comprehension – how could it be? it was composed for an animated film realised by, I quote, the grand old man of the Finnish animation scene, Antti Peränne. I want to see that film!” BEBOP SPOKEN HERE (UK)

“There’s a fluidity in his playing and a boldness in his composing that deserves widespread praise and real recognition for one of the finest young European pianists.” JAZZ HALO (BE)

“…with the compulsive-obsessive energy of Pulsar…the dance on hot coals that is Bird Vision or the lyricism of Signettes and Amorandom (which begins with sparse piano notes and gains strength and density), this trio is not, certainly, ‘just another piano trio'” TIME OUT LISBON (PT)

“…a captivating affair, full of twists and turns…” JERUSALEM POST (ISRAEL)


1. Pulsar
2. For Rainbows
3. Paysages pas sages
4. Aleatoric
5. Signettes
6. For Jimmy Giuffre
7. Eye-opener
8. Bird Vision
9. Amorandom

All music composed by Aki Rissanen and arranged by the trio.


About ‘Amorandom’:

Over the last few years Aki has quietly been building a name in the international jazz world both as a leader and as a sideman. With Amorandom, he delivers his most authoritative work to date. There’s a fluidity in his playing and a boldness in his composing that deserves widespread praise and real recognition for one of the finest young European pianists. Described by Downbeat as a ‘rising star around Europe, Amorandom is the work that will introduce Aki Rissanen’s startling new talent to a global audience.

This music takes on a visual identity and is influenced by static minimal music, Western classical impressionism and Nordic lyricism. As Aki explains: The music on this album is based on an animation movie, to which I composed a soundtrack a few years ago, directed by Tuula Leinonen and animated by the “grand old man” of the Finnish scene, Antti Peränne... Although the original music has gone through many stages of transformation, you can still hear a cinematic flavor in it’.

Rissanen maybe best known for his work with the Verneri Pohjola Quartet on Edition Records and ACT Music as well as with Dave Liebman on Ozella Music in Germany, yet he has made this album entirely his own. The quiet humility; the comradeship between long standing partners and friends; the classicism; a lyrical melancholy and distinctive rhythmical drive and finesse in his playing develop into a coherent statement. Amorandom is set to make Aki Rissanen the new European pianist everyone is talking about in 2016.


All music composed by Aki Rissanen and arranged by the trio.

Produced by Aki Rissanen.

Recorded at Kallio-Kuninkala Studios, Järvenpää, Finland on June 29 & 30th 2015 by Mikko Raita.
Mixed at Studio Kekkonen, Helsinki, Finland on December 14 & 16th 2015 by Mikko Raita.
Mastered at Chartmakers West, Espoo, Finland on December 21th 2015 by Svante Forsbäck.

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