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In April 2018, Pablo Held released Investigations, the 10th album with his long-standing trio with bassist, Robert Landfermann and drummer, Jonas Burgwinkel on a new home with British label Edition Records. Highly regarded as one of the most talented and adventurous pianists and improvisors in Europe, Pablo Held is building a formidable reputation, not only as pianist of outstanding ability but as one with considerable musicaility, energy and sense of risk-taking, always challenging and pushing himself outside his comfort zone to find new territories. Investigations was praised internationally for its remarkable quality, deep communication and lyrical elegance, prompting All About Jazz to describe the group as “a world class trio of exceptional talent”.

With 13 years of playing together, the trio is known for its almost telepathic communication yet they are not shy to collaborate and have done so, ambitiously, with some of the Jazz greats including John Scofield, Ralph Towner, Jorge Rossy, Dave Liebman and Chris Potter. John Scofield was so taken with this collaboration it prompted him to describe the trio as “one of the great groups in music today”. The trio are always evolving, always searching for new journeys that inspire them in fresh ways. The focus has always been on deep listening and a non-ego-driven communication as an ensemble.

For their next album, due in early 2020, the trio will collaborate with Brazilian guitarist Nelson Veras, a musician who after a brief collaboration was immediately connected to the spirit and philosophy of the trio and one who inspired each musician. Celebrated musician Lionel Loueke said of Nelson “Nelson isn’t a guitar player like the others because his approach is not guitaristic but one that reveals a peerless musician. One that never plays what’s obvious but only pleasant surprises with a mind blowing technique. He’s an extraordinary musician”.

Credit: David Gauthier

The trio have been inviting guests since they started in 2006. As Pablo Held explains: “We always enjoy the various ways another person inspires us, expands the possibilities of interaction and instrumentation, and actually makes us play differently. With Nelson, I’ve been listening to his music for years, his records “The Solo Sessions Vol.1“ and “Rouge Sur Blanc“ are the two main albums I always go back to. He’s a complete musician with a totally unique way of playing, who obviously has roots in many different places, but branches out into the sky. When we first played with the trio he was more than ready to jump into the music! Even with only a super short rehearsal he totally made the music his own and showed us new ways to approach my compositions. Not by talking about it, by playing and going for it in the moment – I love that!”

With every collaboration, the trio’s sound expands and flourishes. Nelson Veras is more than a perfect fit to play with this trio. His instrumental voice adds a new dimension to the already distinctive Pablo Held Trio sound, a sound that’s built on deep trust and love for each other.