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Bassist, composer and bandleader Jasper Høiby has risen over the last 10 years as one of the most prolific and creative musicians of his generation on the vibrant European scene. As the driving energy and creative spirit behind Phronesis, the acclaimed piano trio with Anton Eger and Ivo Neame, Jasper is an inspiration to his collaborators and a draw of bold, rhythmically charged grooves, an exuberant energy, and infectious spirit blended with unique, and occasionally dry sense of humour.


March 19 – Fellow Creatures at Bristol Jazz Festival, UK http://www.bristoljazzandbluesfest.com/artist-2017/jasper-hoibys-fellow-creatures/
March 22 – Fellow Creatures at Leuven Jazz Festival, Belgium http://www.leuvenjazz.be
March 23 – Fellow Creatures at De Werf, Brugge, Belgium http://www.kaap.be/programma/jasper-hoiby-fellow-creatures
March 24 – Fellow Creatures at Crucible Studio, Sheffield UK http://www.sheffieldjazz.org.uk/portfolioentry/jasper-hoibys-fellow-creatures/
March 25 – Fellow Creatures at VoiceBox, Derby UK http://www.emjazz.co.uk/view_gig.php?id=186
March 28 – Fellow Creatures at Watermill Jazz, Dorking UK http://www.watermilljazz.co.uk
March 30 – Fellow Creatures at The Spin, Oxford UK http://spinjazz.net/events
April 1 – Fellow Creatures at The Vortex UK http://www.vortexjazz.co.uk/events/
April 2 – Fellow Creatures at The Vortex UK http://www.vortexjazz.co.uk/events/

In July 2016, Jasper formed a new band with an all star lineup, featuring Mark Lockheart, Laura Jurd, Will Barry and Corrie Dick, allowing Jasper a compositional freedom, inviting unfolding atmospheric layers and textures, potent harmonies and life-affirming joyful unisons. As Jasper explains, “it’s been a dream of mine for a while to start a larger ensemble and to have the option of writing for two melody instruments as well as the trio.” The result was Fellow Creatures, an album that exhibited rhythmical sophistication and emotionally engaging music with a strong sense of urgency, poise and abandon in equal measure.

JASPER HØIBY double bass, composer
LAURA JURD trumpet

Fellow Creatures was released to vast international critical acclaim and was hailed as a landmark album for Jasper, building on his continuing critical success as one of the most creative, innovative and powerful performers, composers and bandleaders of his generation in Europe.

Described by Jamie Cullum as ‘a joyous album’ and by London Jazz as “..fusing the infectious grooves of a Phronesis rhythm section with the off-kilter hooks of Polar Bear”, Fellow Creatures combines a deep sense of groove and impelling energy with contrapuntal rhythms and strong lyricism.

“With this project it was very important for me to explore things that I wouldn’t be able to with Phronesis and so, although I still think the record has things in common with the trio, it is also in many ways, an attempt to break away and try new ground with this band. The music here may seem less explosive at first, but I hope some of its subtlety and richness will be revealed by repeated listens.”

The track titles and, to some extent the writing, are inspired by the book  ‘This Changes Everything’ by Canadian author Naomi Klein. “The book talks about what we have to do to make sure that we don’t devour this beautiful planet, along with all its natural resources. It discusses how we can seize this environmental crisis and transform our failed economic system to built something radically better for everyone. “

With the release Fellow Creatures there’s certainly a wish to tell a story with a whole record, and to cherish that intimate relationship between an album and its listener that used to be commonplace. Perhaps a return to the days when you would listen through from start to finish, again and again, until you grew to know every single note, space and emotion and it became part of your inner world, your personality even.  “My own musical inspirations started like this and I think it’s an important part of what’s helped to shape my musical DNA. This record is a celebration of the album as a narrative, as well as the personalities expressing it, who all bring so much to the music.“