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Pianist Ivo Neame and vibraphonist & drummer Jim Hart take their long-standing duo project to the next level with an astonishing and multifaceted new album for release in March 2020.

Jim Hart drums & vibraphone
Ivo Neame piano, keyboards, clarinet saxophone
Matt Calvert synths, sampling, electronics, production and mixing. 

Their new album titled Multiverse, blends a rich world of Jazz, groove, electronica with ear-catching and bold electronic textures. The album was two and a half years in the making from two of Europe’s most inventive improvisors and multi-instrumentalists.

Ivo Neame on the Album…

“We did a lot of overdubbing and Jim suggested involving the fantastic guitarist and producer Matt Calvert. The album took two and a half years to finish and involved some extremely long drives for me between London and Alsace; drives which I undertook in a Ford Fiesta loaded with all kinds of keyboards! It felt pretty insane at the time but these odysseys were completely worth it for the sake of getting a genuine live feel on the recording and to continue my musical relationship with Jim, who is one of the most inspiring cats out there!”.

Jim Hart on the collaboration with Ivo Neame…

“Ivo is one of my favourite musicians alive today. Both as an improviser and as a composer he is constantly surprising and inspiring. He takes risks that seem almost death defying to me but he never fails and and no matter how big the leap, somehow you always know he is in control and knows where he is going. He is a master. After so many years of playing together we have developed such understanding and empathy for each other’s playing that we are able to take the music in different directions with a spontaneity which constantly surprises me”.