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Edition are pleased to announce the signing of British guitarist and composer Stuart McCallum for a series of digital releases starting with an EP of live tracks from his acclaimed album ‘City’.

During the last 8 years Stuart McCallum has built an envious reputation in the UK’s ambient, electronica and jazz scenes as one of its most vital, creative and soulful guitarists and composers.

He may be best known for his work with the Cinematic Orchestra, but it is his solo projects and more recent collaboration, ‘The Breath’ (Real World Records), co-led and written with Irish singer, Rioghnach Connolly, that allow us to truly see Stuart’s work at its most absorbing and inspiring.

With Distilled [2012] and City [2016], two highly distinguished and internationally acclaimed albums released on Naim Recordings behind him, McCallum is now embarking on a series of new digital releases focussing on collaboration, live recordings and remixes, as well as new music created with a wide variety of acoustic and electric guitars. The digital domain will allow him the freedom and opportunity to experiment and explore with new ideas, with the ultimate view of releasing new albums in 2018.

Fans of Stuart’s work with the Cinematic Orchestra, Distilled, City and The Breath can look forward to a wealth of new, inspiring work and, through the reach of the digital world, many new to Stuart’s fabulous musicianship will join them.

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