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Edition Records are pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Membran for the German, Austrian and Swiss market.

Edition Records has developed a formidable reputation and profile across Europe for is creative and diverse roster of artists as well as its bold and visual identity.  Having worked with Membran via their partnership with The Orchard over the last few years in Scandinavia and Benelux, it’s exciting to expand the deal to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As Edition approaches the start of its 10th year in April 2017, this expanded role positions the label and its artists perfectly to develop further media attention and increased audiences.

Formed in 2008 by pianist and composer Dave Stapleton, Edition Records is driven by an uncompromising love of music and with a sharply focused aim: to produce the highest quality music by the most creative musicians it can find, presented in a form which reflects that creativity and quality

Recent comparisons have been made to the great German label ECM Records from various publications, including the BBC Music Magazine, describing Edition as “…daring and catholic, the fast growing UK independent label Edition is becoming a match for its near namesake, Munich’s Edition of Contemporary Music (or ECM).”

2016 was a pivotal year for the British label, picking up many achievements including Jazzwise Best Album of the Year for Tim Garland’s One, with Dinosaur’s Together, As One at No.3 and Phronesis’ Parallax at No.10. With another high profile release schedule for 2017, Edition Records looks forward to working more closely with Membran in the future

About Membran //

The Membran Entertainment Group today is one of the music industry’s leading European independents. Membran controls over 300.000 musical works with an active catalog in excess of 5.000 titles and a worldwide distribution and marketing network for its physical product. As a true International one-stop, it can provide coordinated cross-territory release planning, strategy and implementation and has been providing a full pan European Label Service operation since 1997. In 2015 Membran partnered with The Orchard, a pioneering independent music, film and video distribution company, forming a strategic relationship that will further strengthen and expand both companies’ presence in Europe and across the globe.

Edition is a British Record Label with a European sensibility and global presence.

“Daring and catholic, the fast growing UK independent label Edition is becoming a match for its near namesake, Munich’s Edition of Contemporary Music (or ECM).” BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE

“ECM isn’t the only great jazz label. The end of 2016 is a good time to take up the cudgels on behalf of Edition Records.” MANAFONISTAS (GERMANY)

“…the British company Edition records…A company led by Dave Stapleton has evolved to be one of the major record companies for Scandinavian jazz.” JAZZNYT (DENMARK)

“The British label Edition Records is a hub for the new vibrant jazz scene in the UK…” POLITIKEN NEWSPAPER (DK)

“It was an incredible Edition year. Our list of favourite records shows that…” WRITTEN IN MUSIC (NL)

‘Edition Records might be a small but growing operation, but there was a time 40 years ago when ECM Records was at much the same stage in Munich, and Edition reveals similar sixth sense for emerging innovators’. GUARDIAN

‘Edition Records has developed into one of the most vital record labels in jazz music’. YORK POST

‘One of the more artistically credible independent labels to emerge in Europe in some time’. IRISH TIMES